38 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 104

  1. I constantly hear people saying, “God couldn’t think of something good when it comes to me!” “Why it has to happen to me of all the damn population?”.
    Also about how others should live their lives!

    1. Sometimes, it can be a problem. I encountered that a few weeks ago when I was trying to log in to this blog.

  2. At work: That I got a single cube because I must’ve played the race/female card.
    In general: The heat and the rain because it’s Florida and that’s what happens here.

      1. Just be prepared for the backstabbing that comes with it. I’ve experienced it a couple times.

  3. Traffic, poky drivers, the weather, their coworkers, their boss, lack of time, stupid people, inconsiderate people, prominent politicians, their own weight, their flab, what’s for dinner…yada, yada, yada. People are ALWAYS complaining. They would be so much happier if they focused on positive things.

  4. Seems like people around me are complaining a lot lately – money, stress, work. Today it has been about other people not doing their job at work. Thanks for asking! As for me, I’m going to keep my head up and not cave in to the negativity. Hope you all do the same! – Best!

    1. Yes, I try to do the same. I believe most people have a negative mindset because the other ones have it. We are what we’re surrounding ourselves with.

  5. I find there’s a big difference between venting frustrations and complaining. It seems to me when people vent, they’re seeking answers and need just to ‘get it all out’. The process is quite therapeutic, albeit annoying at times for the listener. I think most people usually vent…but maybe I’m wrong. 🙂

    1. Yes, some people vent. But saying the same thing to multiple different people without getting that weight lifting feeling, it might not be venting…

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