74 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 101

      1. I’ve started to be grateful for the life I have, for the house my wife and I live in, for my health and for everything that is happening on this blog.

  1. It’s not what I do but what I don’t do that helped me. Most of my life I had that negative talk going in my head 24/7. I would be exhausted and scared before my feet ever hit the floor. I kept the drama stirred up in my mind because I believed I couldn’t do anything right and everything was crap, and that is what I wound up with each and every day. I made myself miserable. Nowadays if I have to do something that scares me I pray, ask AA Michael to be with me and give me strength, and I constantly tell myself I can do it and it will be okay. If you want your car to run great you put on the good gas. If you want a killer body you put in the good food. If you want to feel confident and comfortable then you make sure your inner dialogue supports you. I no longer get out of bed and cower down to the day. I step out and know that I got this and no matter what comes I will take a deep breath and handle it.

    1. That’s the best strategy! You managed to “reprogram” your mind in a way that gives you confidence, so it is what you do… you tell yourself you got this instead of telling you the opposite. I sincerely congratulate you! 🙂

  2. a little while back my children wrote down about 50 things they like about me because I was in a real bad depressed state. They were so sweet to read and so thoughtful. They posted them on the mirror in my bathroom so I literally have no choice but to read them every morning now. So I brew a cup of my Starbuck Cinnamon Dulce coffee and read my affirmations. It helps me remind me of all the good things that My kids that Im good at and that puts my brain in a better place which starts my day in the right direction.

    1. Yes, sometimes we need to force ourselves to look at that’s good about our lives because there are so many things we “cannot” see if we have the negative glasses on.

    1. Try writing a list with things you like about yourself and about your life and read that list every morning. It might help.

      1. Oh, you know what? I started writing quotes I like in a book. The ones I truly love are in my back. I could take a daily inventory. I also have an app that gives daily affirmations, some already loaded, some I added. I should read Oh, The Places You’ll Go! every morning. That’ll set anyone right. “Your mountain is waiting, so be on your way!”

      2. In my third or so post, I discussed my tattoos – what they say and why I have them. They are all about the journey. I’ll have to find the name of that post for you. The affirmations are something encouraged my group therapy and they do help sometimes. The book… Have you ever read it as an adult? It’s profound. I’ll see if I can find a link to the text for you.

      1. Both pain and fear coming from the idea of losing what’s the most important for me. I think that there are times when we’re too orientated on the future and on the little things we’re doing daily and we’re ignoring what’s really important.

      2. My wife is the most important for me and because of my ignorance and my frustrations I almost lost her. We need priorities in life, priorities which we should use to mold our actions.

      3. Fear can give the same physical signals as love so we might incorrectly label that in our mind.

    1. Good thinking. Actually, I’ve heard motivational speakers talking about this because accomplishing something in the morning (like making your bed) can set a good mindset for the day.

  3. I have a set routine that helps me navigate the challenges of my mental health issues. I used to disparage and mock myself for my rigidity, before I realized that it was okay to give myself what I need.

      1. i struggle with a fairly severe anxiety disorder that drives a four-decade long eating disorder. not engaging in the negative skills i used to use to cope with the feelings – restricting, bingeing and purging, cutting – means that i need new ones. routine helps, as does journalling, and using CBT techniques to challenge the thoughts that come up.

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