Why do we hate Mondays so much?

Why do we live?   Sometimes I find myself having the thought F*ck, it’s Monday again! and I don’t really know why. Most of the times, this is related to the fact that people hate the work they do. I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it either. I have some sort of a neutral view regarding it, so what’s the problem?

   I believe the issue here is how much we love that work compared to what we do in our free time. If we have a more positive view over the work we do compared to our free time, Mondays are not a problem. If we love our free time more than our work, we might not like Mondays. If we go beyond this idea, it’s actually more about why we go to work and how important is that why for us. If we’re strongly relating our free time wellbeing to the work we do, we might want to work as much as we can, even in weekends (with free time I mean time off work, including time with our families, hobbies etc.).

   Each Monday means 24 hours of our lives… how many hours of our do we hate and waste?

   How do you feel about Mondays?

32 thoughts on “Why do we hate Mondays so much?

  1. To be honest, I used to hate Mondays, but not so much anymore. One- I get to wake up later than most. My daytime job has me coming in at 3pm in the afternoon. That helps ease the dread of waking up early on Monday, as to make me think that my weekend is a little longer. I will say this though, I plan to semi-retire within ten years. I don’t want to be working 40 hours a week after that. To wake up on a Monday and think that I won’t have to work more than 5 hours will be a dream. That’s what I am aiming for.

  2. Mondays have been one of my favorite days for awhile now. I started working again this last November (after taking 6 years off). Mondays have been the only day I am guaranteed to have off during the week. It was, sometimes, the day off my son had from preschool during the week so I would have more time to spend with him. Now, I am taking a cake decorating class, which is something I have always wanted to do. So Mondays excite me, I look forward to them. As for the rest of the week, well, I try to find something exciting to look forward to in each day otherwise my glass will always seem half empty.

    1. Yes, exactly! That’s the attitude all people need to have, but for it to happen we all need to do what excites us and that might shift our mindset as well. I’m so happy for you! 😀

      1. Tee heeee. I haven’t written about it yet but a few years ago I came close to death 💀 and the recovery is long and drawn out. So Mondays or any day I open my eyes 👀 is an exceptionally great 👍 morning to experience 💕🌻😍

      2. I’m happy that you managed to recover. It’s interesting how we start to appreciate more anything about our lives (and the life itself) when we get close of losing it.

      3. Thank you 😊 Darling. I’ve always appreciated Mondays but now it’s different than what it was before illness. 🐾🐶🐱🌻

  3. Your words are very true. Now that I’m fully disabled, Monday isn’t much different than Friday’s and guess what, I don’t hate Monday’s.

  4. I don’t hate Mondays. I don’t like having to get up on Tuesdays though. Mondays I run on steam, but Tuesday is when my body pays the price for staying up so late over the weekend!

      1. Yep, it’s totally a physical exhaustion thing. Mondays are nice because I get a fresh start to the week, it’s nice to see my coworkers again, it’s nice to get out of the house. Tuesdays are lovely if I get to sleep in… or don’t have to work altogether… otherwise I’m tired and cranky. If I’m really good about sticking to my schedule over the weekend, Tuesdays are also fine, but it’s such a hard thing to do!

      2. I see. You might need to find more balance in your weekend schedules and probably your Tuesdays would be better. 🙂

  5. Mondays never bothered me. I don’t get the hatred for it, personally. Yes it means back to work, but I don’t spend my weekends doing exactly what I’d want to be doing either. I don’t tend to sleep in much either on any day of the week, so the dread of “getting up early” doesn’t get me either. I don’t get it…. But Friday’s. Friday’s are the day I actually dislike. I’m tired by the end of the week and the idea of sitting in the office for eight more hours before my “time off” is painful.

  6. Agree with the previous self-employed person. I am, too, after having left the corporate world. Monday has become another day since some work weeks include Saturday/Sunday. That old angst about Monday, or elation about Friday are kinda humorous to me, but I can appreciate why others feel that way.

    1. I guess that when we do what we love, we don’t have reasons to hate days, any days. I’ve recently heard a rumor that 75% of people hate their job and because of that I made this post. I think I might do a post about why people hate their jobs. Thank you for this! 😀

  7. I love Mondays! I’m ‘retired’ (which means I work seven days a week) so Monday’s make no difference to me, except the roads are quieter once everyone’s in work, and the places I vist have room and time for me. Super day!

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