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  1. There are probably a lot of examples and I’m sure some will pop up over the next few days thanks to your question.

    I used to believe conservatism – strict rule of law and the “invisible hand” of capitalism were all the “right” thing. Contrary to the oft quoted “A man who is not a Liberal at sixteen has no heart; a man who is not a Conservative at sixty has no head.” I am much more a progressive now with just enough of a sprinkling of my old conservatism that I find I can look at both sides of a question.

  2. I always saw the truth in other people. I saw the people in power and knew their hearts. I can spot a phony a mile away but there is one thing I believed most of my life and realized it was absolutely wrong. It had nothing to do with others but myself. I thought I was stupid, ugly and unworthy of even a drop of goodness but the greatest revelation was seeing that belief was wrong.

      1. I had one dark night of the soul after another. I used to run from the pain that was coming up but when I stopped running and let myself see everything that was being shown I started seeing the truth little by little. I saw how the church shaped me and saw it brainwashed me into being a good little robot. Another time I saw myself the way I truly am vs what people said and realized I had been lied to and forced to suffer simply because they didn’t like me. I won’t lie when I saw the truth I was pissed because those people lied to me and jipped me out of so much life.

        I learned a lot, but it all came from facing the pain. If you want to really learn more I would recommend reading up on the dark night of the soul. I would reread it every time I hurt (like OMG I’m going to die hurt) but the dark night basically strips away everything that is a lie. My family told me . . . But it was a lie. Society told me . . . And the more the lies were burned off of me the stronger I got and that is honestly how I saw the truth.

  3. I’ve always believed that my emotional state would my downfall. It’s not true, but there people that say they can handle it…and then decide no they can’t or won’t. In some ways, I’m still waiting for the bottom to fall…

      1. I used to believe that I know myself, my dreams and what I want to do in my life.. but then one day I read a book and it changed me and my life. I realised that it’s not so easy to figure yourself out.Since then, I believe in this: “No one can surprise you better than life and you yourself.”

  4. That I can’t get hurt by others. It got shattered when I discovered my boyfriend of 4years have been married for the entire time with two kids

  5. feeling like a loser as a child… well.. it turned out to be wrong.. I have come really far and well in life since the negative words were spoken over me..

    1. Yes, well when we constantly hear something, we get to believe that to be real. Once we eliminate that negativity from our lives, we slowly get better.

      1. Mine is telling myself that I’m not good enough and that other people are better than me and that they’ll always be.

  6. I always thought I hated Beetroot. Until I accidentally bought a quinoa salad with it in and was so hungry I was half way through it before I realised this wonderful, fleshy, root was the one thing I have avoided since the age of 7. 41 years of missed greatness.

    1. This reminds me of Ted and the bacon from How I Met Your Mother series. He thought he was allergic to bacon (because that’s what his mother told him) and when he finally tasted it, it was like tasting Heaven.

  7. Still haven’t seen enough of that show, but I do agree about bacon. Slices of pure heaven. As long as we’re in the crispy department. Too many British eateries give you wet, nasty bacon. Bleurgh!

    1. This is one of the toughest lies. I recently realized how love itself as a feeling is not enough if we don’t have actions that goes from it…

  8. My Finnish treated us to these tasty meals she picked up from Cornish miners in Michigan copper mines. For many years I thought this truly Finnish until knocked on the head with a catsup bottle

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