How would you spend a bonus hour?

Time. It’s a precious commodity that no one ever seems to have enough of. This past weekend, I had the unexpected luxury of a bonus hour. If you live in North America, you are probably thinking it’s no big deal because you also enjoyed an additional hour. But my extra hour was special because it wasn’t repayment of an hour I had previously lost. Allow … Continue reading How would you spend a bonus hour?

On Writing Down Your Goals

Hello my fellow bloggers and blog-lovers! If you’re new here, welcome, and if you’ve been around for awhile, welcome back. You can call me Elle, or by my pen name E.L. Jayne, and I’m one of the writers here on the talented team at Pointless Overthinking. This winter I was accepted into my top choice for a graduate program to study Philosophy & Economics in … Continue reading On Writing Down Your Goals

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Do You Know the Pareto’s Principle?

Towards the end of the 19th century, a group of economists from the University of Lausanne in Switzerland studied the social inequalities in Europe. By analysing the tax data of several European countries, they found out that in each of them about 20% of the population owned 80% of the wealth. Today is even worse, but this is another story. This discovery was a real … Continue reading Do You Know the Pareto’s Principle?

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The Two Paths to Wealth

I have two images of wealth in my mind.  One looks like what most people envision. A lavish lifestyle, a big plastic mansion, a luxury yacht, 8 sports cars… You get it. Then there is this second image. In this picture, there is a place called home. It’s quaint, rustic. Filled with messy, silly, somewhat annoying children. There are a lot of friends and family nearby. … Continue reading The Two Paths to Wealth

9 Pieces Of Indispensable Life Advice From Your Future Self

I had an ulterior motive last week when I asked what advice you would give your former self if you could go back in time. Truthfully I’m at something of a crossroads in my own life. I have a difficult decision to make and I’m not sure what my next step should be. It got me thinking, if only my future self could come back … Continue reading 9 Pieces Of Indispensable Life Advice From Your Future Self

The Only Thing The World Needs From You

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” – HOWARD THURMAN (SOURCE: THE LIVING WISDOM OF HOWARD THURMAN: A VISIONARY FOR OUR TIME) I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, ‘what do you mean the ONLY THING the world needs from me?! The world demands EVERYTHING from me!!!’ ‘It … Continue reading The Only Thing The World Needs From You

Patience with Self

Hi everyone, I hope everyone is doing good! Today’s topic is patience with personal development. It is sort of a follow-up to my post last week about forming routines. I am patient with people. If someone is misbehaving, I don’t react (warnings aside) because I know that everyone makes mistakes on their way to better themselves. Yet, I am not patient with my own development. … Continue reading Patience with Self

Daydreaming: Helpful or Hurtful?

Have you ever wonder if letting your mind free to whatever it wants it is helpful or not? Is there a line between helpful and hurtful? Studies show some interesting results. It seems that our daydreaming process interferes with our goals, but not how you’d expect. The daydreaming process has multiple aspects and influences different parts of our life, including the way we perform in … Continue reading Daydreaming: Helpful or Hurtful?

Why is it so important to have a goal?

   First of all, I want to thank you for reading this. I know how important your time is and I really appreciate you spend some of it reading my post. Each of our lives is so important and unique that we cannot afford to spend any second of it on things that can’t help us or the people around us one way or another. … Continue reading Why is it so important to have a goal?


   I think I should’ve started with this, but better late than never. Ok, so what made me start this blog? In the beginning, my intention was to use writing as a way to escape the real world, but in my journey through my thoughts I found out that it’s a great way to take a step back and to look at everything from different … Continue reading My WHY