37 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 64

  1. I’d need some qualifiers here. Bring them back as they physically are now? Bring them back from their moment of passing? Bring them to me, or where their remains are? For how long are they back? Bring them back at their best? Is there a way we can speak the same language? Is this someone who would freak out at technology as we know it? There’s a lot to consider in this question.

      1. Oh man….
        Obviously, at least for me, is they are in their physical prime, they’re not freaked out by tech, they come to me, and I dunno how long they stay. I’d kind of like to have met John Lennon and George Harrison. Such different viewpoints on music and how to achieve similar goals! Elizabeth I might be interesting – Cleopatra? Solve the mystery of Amelia Earhart? Family wise…. Maybe my Great Aunt – she had the most incredible life and I wish we’d talked in person rather than written.

      2. That’s a whole army of people. I’d love to see Cleopatra’s reaction to John Lennon’s music.

      1. I agree. She felt she had embarrassing or shameful events better left buried. I’m left with smidgens she said while in the throws of Alzheimer’s. Like a few puzzle pieces tossed on a table with more pieces somewhere out there in ancestry land. I search.

      2. It sounds like a hard thing to do, but you’re the only one that has the required strength to do it!

  2. My Grandaddy. (Maternal grandfather who raised me.) Mostly because I’m selfish and miss him. I’d love to hold his hand and hear his voice and feel connected to our love.
    But also so he could know my girls, especially the little spitfire named for him.
    And so he could know my husband. Grandaddy was the first man I fell in love with, I’d love for him to be friends with the man I fell in love and share my life with.

  3. I enjoy the question and I am going to go a different route. I have lost many many people, but I know I will see them again and honestly I feel them with me so I’m going to say Elvis.

  4. I would bring back my grandmother. The very one who taught me how to look past a persons flaws to their inner beauty. The grandma who never saw a stranger. The granmda I miss so dearly taken at a young age of 56. If only the world was filled with more people like herself we would all be blessed!

  5. hmm….this is a first for me…I like this question, but I know that it is impossible to do this.
    Ok. If it were possible, I’d bring back the following:
    1. All of the signers of the declaration of independence, GW and all of those involved in the ratification of the constitution. I feel like some serious clarification is needed.
    2. This might be controversial, but it is not intended to be: Jesus. I think some additional clarifications are needed as well.
    We have some serious societal questions that remain elusive due to the ambiguity or lack of clarity in certain documents.

    1. You have a very interesting point of view! I think that those additional clarifications can change the world!

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