Time – the least appreciated resource

Time – the least appreciated resource   How often do you think about time as a resource? Moreover, how often do you think that the time you have it’s going to end and it’s nothing you can do about it? How many years do we lose? How many do we have left? If you’d know exactly when you’re time is going to end, what would you do different?

   Even though we know that it’s going to end someday, we’re not using our time wisely. How much time we spend thinking about money even though every month we’ll earn new ones, but how many money do we spend to extend our time? I think that we’re not careful enough with how we’re spending our time. It’s not easy for us to imagine that our time will someday end, especially when we are young and that’s why we are not careful with it. It takes a lifetime for us to realize how important time is because that’s when we feel we’re running out of it. I think that this is when the loss feeling is kicking in and we truly realize that it’s nothing we can do to earn some more. That’s the moment when we look back and see how stupid and reckless we’ve spend so much time. That’s when we truly start to appreciate life.

    But what can we do to change this? Well, we should start enjoying every moment. We should view time just as it is, a resource that will someday end. If we can truly realize that our time is going to end, I think that we’ll start spending it wiser. The biggest problem is that we’re not built to understand that we will no longer be. We can’t imagine how not being is… that someday we’ll not wake up anymore. We can’t understand the nothing. We’re built to survive no matter what. Statistically, the older a person is, the more religious he/she becomes. Why? Because that person feels that the time is going to end, but that person cannot understand that he/she as an individual, will no longer be… so when a religion gives a life after death, the survival instinct determines that person to do whatever it takes to get there… to a never-ending life.

   But thinking too much about time can get you to the question what’s the point of all if we’re all going to run out of time? Well, that’s the whole point! We’re running out of time so we should enjoy it. You know that your money will end, but that doesn’t mean that you’re throwing them all away, instead you’ll be more careful on how you’re spending it, right? That’s how we should spend our time, too.

   My question is this: What can we do to make the most of our time?

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