The Frustrations Bubble

The Frustrations Bubble  Dealing with automatic thoughts is not easy, but ignoring them can create the frustrations bubble. Basically, those automatic thoughts we ignore create feelings that we ignore. Ignoring them won’t make them disappear, instead they will pile up into a bubble until it’s too big to handle and then it explodes.

   When a bubble like this explodes, it creates a big mess behind. Not only we will suffer, the creators of that bubble, but also the people around us because we’ll act according to our inner state, and in this case we will have a shitty behavior.

   This is why the expression “this was the last drop” exists. It’s about the last drop that filled that bubble. It is the clear example that if don’t let the feelings flow through us at the right time, they will find a way to flow and when all those repressed feelings will go at once, it will be like a tsunami.

   But when does a bubble burst? Well, it variates from a person to another. Some burst every day and others take years to explode. You may have a hard day with your boss yelling at you and some idiots in traffic that makes you go home and yell at your family because the bubble exploded. Or there might be some stronger emotions like some childhood trauma, losing close friends or family and then getting out from a relationship might be the last drop which triggers depression. This is why dealing with emotions when they appear it’s so important. Of course, we’ll always have some emotions we can’t deal with when they appear, but we have to try. It’s easier this way than dealing with all at once.

   Can we not have a bubble? It’s hard to tell, but most likely, no. That’s because we will always have emotions we can’t deal at the right time and ignore afterwards. But if we can find a balance between what we ignore and what we let it, that bubble will never burst.

   Ignorance is a blessing if we can really master it!

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