Movie Thoughts – Indecent Proposal (1993)

   This movie… this movie is a gem. It’s about a young married couple that goes through financial problems and during one trip in Vegas, a billionaire offers a million dollars for one night with the wife (you can find more details here).    As you might guess, a moral issue appears. It’s morality versus pragmatism and it’s very interesting to see how this evolves … Continue reading Movie Thoughts – Indecent Proposal (1993)

Movie Thoughts – Whiplash (2014)

   This movie is about a young drummer who gets to be mentored by an instructor who keeps pushing him to get better using an interesting technique (you can read more about it here). This method that the instructor uses is the opposite of positive thinking and somehow it works.    What the instructor is doing works because he knows what “buttons” to push and … Continue reading Movie Thoughts – Whiplash (2014)

Movie Thoughts – Perfect Strangers (2017)

   This is a Spanish movie about seven friends having dinner together that decide to play a game in which all incoming notifications will be shared with the whole group (including calls and messages), leading to surprising discoveries (you can read more about it here). It’s the perfect example of how different people are and that you can never know everything about the ones around … Continue reading Movie Thoughts – Perfect Strangers (2017)

Movie Thoughts – The Prestige (2006)

   This movie is about two magicians that compete to determine which has the best magic trick (you can read more about it here). I found it interesting how we can get obsessed in pursuing something we think we want and because of this obsession we don’t realize what we’re sacrificing along the way.    Yes, pursuing your goals require sacrifices we are willing to … Continue reading Movie Thoughts – The Prestige (2006)

Movie Thoughts – The Greatest Showman (2017)

   This movie is about a man who made his dream come true by not giving up (you can read more about it here). It’s interesting to see how many things we can ignore if we are pursuing the things we want. The problem is that not all the things we’re ignoring should be ignored. Also, there are things we should ignore, but we aren’t. … Continue reading Movie Thoughts – The Greatest Showman (2017)

Movie Thoughts – I am Legend (2007)

   This is a movie about a doctor having to live alone with his dog in a world full of zombies (you can read more about it here). As always, I’m more interested in the psychological impact this loneliness has on the main character. Even though his intelligence is unaltered, his need for social interactions went up to the point he was speaking to plastic … Continue reading Movie Thoughts – I am Legend (2007)

Movie Thoughts – Wonder (2017)

   While watching this movie I realized that it’s a perfect representation of my ideas about reality (the post can be found here). This movie has an interesting way to create and present how different humans are and how we can never tell the real reasons behind a person’s behavior.    This movie is based on a New York Times bestseller and it is about … Continue reading Movie Thoughts – Wonder (2017)