underwater photo of woman wearing green and black dress

The Beauty Of Life

Today, I surrender to the beauty of life   Everything feels so light I woke up with a peace of mind And see no need to run or hide Today I feel free from all the  ‘Should’ve’  Musts  Or dancing between the ‘could’ve and would’ve Today I am all in And there is nothing in between  I walk around,  firmly feeling the ground Uninhibited, no longer … Continue reading The Beauty Of Life

heart shape on wall over vinyl disk

Where is home? They say home is where your heart belongs

Where is home? It is a question that has been growing within me more, the older I become. My life has been greatly affected by politics, moving, and family patterns. This has given me a broader insight regarding life, the world and humanity, than most people around me.  In this video, I am talking about where is home, my experience as a foreigner and uprooting … Continue reading Where is home? They say home is where your heart belongs

A crazy way of expression

Commentary by Troy Headrick I have a lot in common with David, musician and subject of this shortdocumentary by Parisa. For example, we both have eye diseases. In my case, I was diagnosed with a dry form of Macular Degeneration and will eventually lose a lot (if not all) of my central vision. He also left his place of birth and “found himself” abroad. That … Continue reading A crazy way of expression