A crazy way of expression

Commentary by Troy Headrick

I have a lot in common with David, musician and subject of this short
documentary by Parisa. For example, we both have eye diseases. In my case, I was diagnosed with a dry form of Macular Degeneration and will eventually lose a lot (if not all) of my central vision. He also left his place of birth and “found himself” abroad. That happened to me, too, when I left the United States and lived in various locales overseas.

Did you notice how he lit up when he referred to himself as a “musical artist” a little more than two minutes into the video? He says, just a bit later, that to make music a person has to be “crazy enough to dare to try out things.” He’s absolutely right. Creativity—in all its forms—is an act of daring. I’m currently writing this commentary and will share it with others. That’s an act of daring, an act of leaving myself exposed and vulnerable. I am my words, and my words are me, just as David is his music. It’s easier to not write and remain hidden. It’s safer to remain silent. The silent person is not noticed and therefore not judged. David doesn’t have to share his sounds with audiences. What if they don’t like his music? Has he failed? Is it possible to “fail” when self-expression is the point?

And if you need inspiration for overcoming the critical voice within and moving on, I recommend How to Recover From a Bad Post, written by Wynne Leon.

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17 thoughts on “A crazy way of expression

  1. I like when David explains how he creates his music, and it’s hilarious when he says he gets ideas in the toilet, I think a lot of people gets ideas in the bathroom! He dares to be himself, to pursue his “call” in this world, to make his dream come true. And to reply to Troy’s question, I don’t think you fail when you follow your purpose. Let the other judge you, but don’t give up, whatever they say, as long as you believe in yourself, you have nothing to hide. Beautiful format Parisa and Troy!

    1. I completely agree with you. Many times we are our own worst enemy. We stop ourselves by the fear of…whatever it is. We often do not even get started because fear conquers the non-stop chit-chat within.

      We wouldn’t care what others think if we were centred enough in ourselves or thought that’s what they believe, but it has nothing to do with me.
      But we are often drawn into the lure of other people’s opinions or caught in our personal stories that have nothing to do with anyone else.

      And when it comes to getting ideas. I go with a constant bubble of ideas. It’s sometimes a bit tiring, but I’m glad I have them too.
      By the way, thanks for sharing your thoughts on the questions Troy raised and commenting.

      1. I like that you call our inner voice the “non-stop chitchat”. You know, I gave a her a name, Martina, so that when she talks too much I can stop her by calling her name. And it works!

      2. OMG and I love you Calling her Martina. What an excellent way of addressing her. So when you call her name you know which part of part personality of you, you are talking to. I love that Idea. I will see if I find a good name for mine as well. So far I have just called her my crazy neighbour above😅😅😅😅🙈😂

    2. I think you’ve nailed it! The best ideas come from bathroom time! …and driving time! But seriously, yes, doing what we can to work on our dreams isn’t lost even if we don’t become rich and famous, it is what we develop in our souls along the way! That may sound selfish to some people, but unless we do our own soul development, we aren’t much good to the world if we give up on ourselves or if we only give everything to others and nothing for ourselves.

      1. Yes, and more yes to your comment;
        “….unless we do our own soul development, we aren’t much good to the world if we give up on ourselves or if we only give everything to others and nothing for ourselves.”
        Thank you for watching, reading and commenting.

      2. 6.33 am morning greetings to you and happy joyous week.

      3. I agree Tamara, we need to develop our souls not only for ourselves but also for the world. And it doesn’t matter if we will become famous and rich.

  2. Interesting story! As for Troy ‘s question-to me, art, or self expression is only a failure if the person expressing it is not happy with what they’ve done.

    1. I enjoy reading the comments on my or other people’s posts very much. It is always eye-opening to see how we all think differently; that is exciting to me.
      And listening to how others perceive the same world shows me how complex we are as humans with so many layers. But now I will come to my point.
      I can often be my own worst critic.
      It is about balancing being critical enough to do my best and being happy with what I do, if that makes sense. Thanks for sharing your reflection on the topic; very interesting to read how others regard that matter and for watching and commenting.

  3. Wow, I love this “crazy way of expression!” Am I reading this right that you made this documentary, Parisa? What a beautiful film you’ve created talking about creativity! And thanks for the shout-out!

    1. Thank you Wynne. 🙏🙏🙏
      I appreciate your opinion. And Yes I made it.

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