What Does Spirituality Mean To You?

I hope you enjoy this song while you are reading the post. You can listen to more songs by this soulful musician here.

In my early 20s, I was told I was an anarchist.

What.. ist? 

I had no idea what it was,  

But after looking it up

I thought I could join that club

Then I was told I was a hippie. 

I had never been hip!

And hippie? 

I wasn’t a white middle-class teen from the United  states 

who engaged in debates 

I was wild, crazy and untamable

But peace and love could motivate 

even a lost teenager

So with age

I broke out of the cage

Turned over the page

Got engaged in seeking meaning 

And searching for a new path

In the end I got on a new stage

With burning the white sage

Then one day, after many years

on the winding spiritual path   

A question popped into my head 

And I could not stop asking people that

I wanted to know if we all had the exact definition of the term. 

So I asked everyone I met:  

“What is spirituality to them?”

What about you? What is spirituality to you?

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26 thoughts on “What Does Spirituality Mean To You?

    1. Ohhh, what a great way of approaching it.

      And thank you for your comment on the post!

  1. I read somewhere sitting inside a church and thinking about fishing can be religious but fishing out in a lake and thinking about God is spiritual. I love everything religious but have become a spiritual person 😊!

    1. I like the metaphors you are sharing. And yes inside the church is religion and out in nature our sense of wonder awakes.
      Thank you for sharing and your comment.

  2. To me spirituality is about feeling interconnected. Understanding ourselves as part of a much greater whole and acting in the interest of that whole – rather than just oneself. Great poem/song. Thank you πŸ™

    1. It is soooo interesting to hear how we all relate to that word & or do not!

      Thank you for sharing what it means to you, and your comment! πŸ€πŸ™

    1. Thank you for sharing. Just out of curiosity, how does communication happen and what is the divine to you? If I may ask. Thanks for answering by the way.

      1. In my understanding, What is divine is that which comes from the source, pure and holy
        Communication is the ability to tap into it

  3. Spirituality means so many things to so many people, in fact some have tried to write books trying to define what it is. I read a few, and got put off by the authors trying to put something so big into a box, and then telling people they have THE definition… kind of how many churches approach religion.

    The book that actually impacted me the most was a simple photo book by Richard Bach, called “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”.

    To me that book shows that at each level we get to, we’re shown another level of growth, until we die and become spirit.

    When I left the 2nd evangelical church I had been in, I met my 2nd husband who followed the Lakota Native American spiritual path, and I was welcomed into ceremonies by a group of 1st Nation people in Canada.

    That experience opened my eyes to seeing life in completely new ways.

    There really is no right or one correct way to approach Spirituality, it is what is meaningful to each person.

    For those who come out of churches or groups that had strict guidelines and rules, this is a little disconcerting, for it is difficult to imagine life without those guidelines.

    1. Thank you. Yes, I agree! And that is exactly why I am asking this question.

      For a while I was with an international group of women.

      We were all having 3 things in common.
      1.We loved writing.
      2. We were all on a healing journey
      3. We were all considering ourselves as spiritual.
      But then I started seeing that we all had different understanding of that word and its meaning.

      And so many times we just assume stuff.
      Like thinking that we all have the same definition of the same word.

      I can definitely relate to all the layers you are mentioning ( with other words)
      I have experienced every time I shed one layer there is another one showing up.
      That is like climbing up a ladder of awareness by rising the consciousness.

      But for me it all starts with getting to know myself.

      That is why I like the meditation β€œWho am I?”

      You are lucky, having had the chance to learn from Lakota Native Americans.
      I have read a bit about them, and I can get why it changed your way of seeing life.

      Thank you by the way, for the recommendation of that book you mentioned. Also for engaging in this conversation and answering my question.

  4. What a great question, Parisa! I’d say spirituality to me means doing what I need to in order to hear the insistent, God-voice within me.

    1. Thank you for sharing and your comment.
      Yes that voice within is full of clear guidance.

  5. I have such a hard time defining it. I guess sometimes I think of the spirit as an unseen force driving us toward things, keeping us going and preventing us from just stopping. So, I guess for me, spirituality would be the mechanics of how that unseen force works and why.

    1. The life force energy, called with so many different names.
      Chi, Prana, Vijñāna (translated as “consciousness,” “life force”, “mind” driving us forward. Thank you for this beautiful contribution to this thread.

  6. I enjoyed the verse, and have been pondering the question. To be, spirituality is listening to God, spending time in prayer, and following the guidance of where that leads me.

    1. Thank you Hamish for sharing what spirituality is to you. And can I ask how you define God?

      1. Light which guides me to be kind to others, always, which includes being kind to myself. Speaking the truth, in love. This means being honest, even when it’s hard. This means accepting when I’m wrong, and owning up to my mistakes to others and myself. This means forgiving others and forgiving myself, because we are all human and we all make mistakes.

        It is means accepting the encouragement to share the gifts I have.

      2. Ohhh I can relate to all of it. Thank you. Caroline Myss calls it the universal laws. And yes, there are so many ways we can describe the source, or the great mystery as they call it in South America.
        And love, that was actually my last post about. ☺️
        Thanks again for engaging and sharing πŸ™

  7. For me spirituality is the path towards enlightenment (A felt knowledge of the divine within everything in the cosmos) . I say this because spirit comes from the greek term pneuma, which means breath, and according to the Bible, everything in the cosmos is the manifestation of the speech of God. Thus, we are all composed of the divine breath/spirit of God. All is one.

    Spiritual and motivational blogger https://georgesbiblicalmeditations.wordpress.com/

    1. I totally agree that all is one. And now in our

      All is one, and it is often difficult to understand that being in our physical body.
      Thank you for sharing your reflection on it.

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