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Leadership Beyond Management: A Reflection on True Leadership

In the lively rhythm of office life, a simple yet profound statement on a poster caught my eye recently: “I am not bossy; I just have better ideas.” Initially, it put a smile on my face, but as I pondered, it led me to a deeper reflection on the dynamics between managers and natural-born leaders, that is the distinction between management and leadership. While the … Continue reading Leadership Beyond Management: A Reflection on True Leadership

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Why Displaying Artwork Boosts Employee Engagement and Productivity

In the ever-evolving world of modern workplaces, the quest for enhanced employee engagement and productivity is a constant pursuit. One innovative solution gaining momentum is the integration of creative workspaces inspired by art. Beyond mere aesthetics, the infusion of artistic elements into the work environment has shown remarkable potential in fostering a more vibrant and dynamic workplace culture. The Power of Art in Workspaces Art … Continue reading Why Displaying Artwork Boosts Employee Engagement and Productivity

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Unlocking Freedom: A Small Guide to Letting Go of Your Past

Our past is about a complex pattern of memories, both delightful and challenging. While cherished moments and valuable lessons contribute to our identity, holding onto the weight of past burdens can hinder our happiness. In this blog post, I explore the transformative impact of letting go of the past and embracing the present moment. Many individuals find themselves trapped in the clutches of bygone days, … Continue reading Unlocking Freedom: A Small Guide to Letting Go of Your Past

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Late Bloomers: Instructions For Use

After Todd’s post last Friday, which also mentions a previous post by Troy, I re-post here an article about getting old. So, here you find some instructions for living your third youth with no worries. There is a direct relationship between aging and physical, and mental activity. People who adopt a sedentary and passive lifestyle after retirement accelerate their aging process. Lack of movement diminishes … Continue reading Late Bloomers: Instructions For Use

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Why You Should Set Your Well-Being As Your First Priority

Our well-being should be our priority. But nowadays we are so busy that we tend to prioritize in a reverse order. By doing so we can seriously compromise our quality of life and our physical, mental and emotional health. According to the international classification of diseases, burn-out is considered to be a work-related phenomenon but this is not the only cause. With the increasing cost of living and the … Continue reading Why You Should Set Your Well-Being As Your First Priority

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Nurturing Our Roots

There’s a type of tree that’s planted all over Singapore. It’s known as the rain tree because of its iconic umbrella shape. Not only is it incredibly striking to look at, the sprawling canopy provides the perfect respite from the oppressive heat we experience here year-round. It’s planted extensively throughout Singapore for this reason. It has fast become one of my favourite trees. Not just … Continue reading Nurturing Our Roots

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How to Face Poor Sleep Quality

Too much stress, blue light, and you wake up tired more and more often. This is a sign that your quality of sleep is poor. You know for sure that sleep affects your overall well-being. But do you also know that poor sleep quality may increase your level of stress, cause concentration problems and that it also has a direct link to your weight? Let’s … Continue reading How to Face Poor Sleep Quality

Do You Belong?

Hi everyone, Let’s talk about the sense of belonging today. We naturally want to belong to a place or person. We want to be part of a community. We therefore value family and we tend to prioritize them. Family partially gives us our personality. Then, we also belong to a group of friends and colleagues, a class, a neighborhood, a religious group etc., which gives … Continue reading Do You Belong?