The Ultimate Reader

When I started putting together the memoir I wrote about my father, I had the good fortune of connecting with a great writing coach, Sheila. As she explained it to me, her job was to be the “ultimate reader” – the person who asked the questions about temporal lapses, gaps in the storyline, or unexplained … More The Ultimate Reader

Give Me a List

Have you thought about the effectiveness of lists in writing? Take a moment and think of the famous lists that come to mind like My Favorite Things from The Sound of Music or the Ten Commandments from the Bible. Even when we can’t name them all, I bet we can name a few or most. … More Give Me a List

Fear of Imperfection, AKA Atelophobia

The etymology of “atelophobia” comes from the Greek atelophobia, a word composed of atelés (meaning imperfect, incomplete) and phóbos (or fear, phobia) and it means fear of imperfection.  A large number of people suffer from atelophobia, a constant feeling of imperfection and inadequacy. Discontent with one’s own aesthetic appearance, search for a perfection that does … More Fear of Imperfection, AKA Atelophobia

Great Writers Are Great Readers… and Listeners

Over the past 3 years with Pointless Overthinking, I’ve loved getting to know our community of bloggers and blog-lovers. I’m surrounded by inspiration and aspire to give back even a fraction of the amount of motivation I’ve received. Through this community, I connected to a podcast created for writers that explores topics of the writer’s … More Great Writers Are Great Readers… and Listeners


Billy Osogo The Covid-19 pandemic has greatly changed life as we knew it heretofore. With severe restrictions on movement imposed by most governments, there’s only so much one can do. Part of what I have had more time to do during this pandemic is to read widely. There’s something exclusively inimitable about the written word. … More ON WRITING

Patience with Self

Hi everyone, I hope everyone is doing good! Today’s topic is patience with personal development. It is sort of a follow-up to my post last week about forming routines. I am patient with people. If someone is misbehaving, I don’t react (warnings aside) because I know that everyone makes mistakes on their way to better … More Patience with Self