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Art with a View

Last Saturday I went to visit the private art collection of Proximus, a Belgian digital service provider.

In 25 years the company has collected about 600 artworks and last December they opened the doors to visitors.

For the moment, only 200 paintings and photos are displayed.

The exhibition is called Art with a View, because you can admire the artworks not only on the ground floor but also on the 25 floor, where you can enjoy a beautiful view over Brussels.

The company’s original purpose was not to become a museum but to offer the possibility to their staff to walk in the corridors and admire paintings, and to participate in meetings where there are artistic photos on the walls. The collection’s manager wanted to inspire staff with arts, to have them see the world through artists’ eyes.

Each morning and at the end of the day, staff used to pass by the corridors with their bags or carts for mail delivery or cleaning.

After the pandemic, the way of working has changed and now less and less people go to work at the company’s premises.

Therefore, the idea to open up the collection to the public.

The exhibition’s curator did not want neither to suggest a path nor to explain the artworks by putting a label next to them, as you would find in museums (for the most curious ones, there are QR codes on the floor that you can scan and get all the information about what you are looking at).

The curator wanted to provoke a reflection on the visual language. You can walk throughout the exhibition as you like it. We as human beings would like all to be explained, but art sometimes is inexplicable or looks inexplicable. And that is the beauty of art.

The photo I chose here below is the very popular Marilyn Series by Andy Wahrol. This is the most favourite artwork of Proximus’ staff. If the curator would decide not to exhibit it, a revolution among staff might have happened. Indeed it is very popular and well known, but always beautiful and worth seeing.

What do you think about the idea of inspiring staff with artworks in their workplace? Would you enjoy it? Where I work there used to be temporary exhibitions of artists from Brussels, not necessarily famous. And I appreciated it a lot. It was nice during the breaks going to the main hall and being wrapped by another vision of the world.

Marylin Series by Andy Wahrol – Photo by Cristiana Branchini

19 thoughts on “Art with a View

  1. I work at a performing and visual arts high school. Besides having an art gallery with revolving new shows, senior students donate a piece of art to the school upon graduation. There’s art everywhere. I’m inspired.

  2. This is an amazing idea and gesture. We all need beauty, and many who live in cities do not have much beauty to see. I can imagine that having these beautiful pieces (that are so full of soul) surrounding the staff lifts their spirits!

  3. The National Gallery in DC had spaces where one could take a laptop to do work immersed in art. The same is true of the Grounds for Sculpture in New Jersey, although the best spaces there are outdoor. I’m a huge fan of the concept, but you might be surprised by the places that already provide this sort of opportunity.

  4. I absolutely love the idea of inspiring staff with workplace art. I think our in general gives people the ability to think outside the box and creates an environment for creativity.

  5. I love the idea of inspiring staff with art! I work at a few schools, but at the one my office is located in, the art teacher (who teaches kids between grades 6 and 8) often exhibits the kids artwork in the main hall, and from the very first day I walked in, I really loved that she does that. And I really love some of the works the kids produce!

  6. Lovely post! I think being surrounded by art in the workplace would be inspiring.

    Public libraries sometimes exhibit the art of high school students and restaurants decorate with art for sale by local artists. When I taught school, I always displayed student art. Although I have visited many art museums including the Smithsonian and the Louvre, I always enjoy amateur art. Maybe it is the intimacy of these everyday settings. <3

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