I Smashed My Computer And I’m Glad About It

Yep- I smashed my computer.

C’mon- don’t act like you’re never tempted to smash yours. Apps freeze up, internet slows to a snail’s pace…

Technology can be frustrating. I don’t blame you for wanting to smash your machine on occasion.

My story isn’t that sinister though. I accidentally smashed my laptop with a salt shaker while mindlessly trying to eat and work at the same time while paying attention to neither.

I’m surprised how much damage that shaker caused. It wasn’t a heavy hit- a “love-tap”, really.

Even so, my screen is totally screwed, rendering the whole machine damn near useless.

Am I upset about it?

Sort of.

I’m not in the mood to spend money repairing or replacing it- that’s for sure.

But there has been an upside.

All week long I’ve been doing other things. Non-computer things.

Honestly, it’s been (mostly) great.

I can still do much of what I need to do on my phone. And, with the laptop down, many of those tasks and projects I thought were so important, just disappeared off my radar as soon as that salt shaker hit my screen.

Did that stuff really need done after all?

Some of it, yes. But most if it- nope. Much of it is stuff that I’m pressuring myself to do, but really has no deadline.

It reminds me of those few times my phone crashed and I lost my precious to-do lists. After some initial panic and swearing, I suddenly felt freed.

Am I suggesting that you also smash your computer or throw your lists out? Not necessarily- you do what works for you. But for me, this has been a welcome little mini-vacation from my own goals, timelines and aspirations. It’s also been a reminder that some things really need to get done and some things really don’t.

I know the clock is ticking on how long I can get away with this, but I think I might push it to the last second.

And when I do get up and running again, maybe I’ll run a little slower on purpose.

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29 thoughts on “I Smashed My Computer And I’m Glad About It

  1. Handful of years ago I was frustrated about something and threw my HP across my aunt’s kitchen… gotta give it some due tho. It still works, which is why I’ve kept it all these years. I’ve since gotten a MacBook, but I still keep that trusty ole HP just in case…

    1. Wow! It’s survived the toss and still works?! I think it’s worth keeping forever just for that 💪🏻😎

    1. Well, there should be an asterisk in my title, because I didn’t plan to smash it- it was an accident. And truth be told, it is quite an inconvenience. But there is a pretty good upside, at least for now.

  2. Wowza…death by salt shaker? I think I need to see how big that baby is! And yet…I like your ‘make lemonade’ moments and reminders about what’s urgent…what’s not. Cheers to that! 😎

    1. It was just a little salt shaker, but I smacked it against the upper left corner of the screen and 😵‍💫😵‍💫. The screen now has a pretty cool artistic design on it but it’s not functional 😅😅

  3. I love how your computer broke and you still got your W&S post done. 🙂 Which isn’t to say that I don’t appreciate your point too. I know there is a lot a can let go of as well and life will go on – maybe even more beautifully than before. Thanks for the reminder and great post. But sorry about your computer, Todd!

    1. Haha thanks Wynne! 🙂 Doing the post on my phone was a learning experience because the WP app is different on the phone than it is on my laptop. It mostly worked, but I was not able to figure out how to add links to text, that’s why the Wise & Shine and 5 O’clock Shadow advertisements at the end of the post are not hyperlinks. 🤷🏼‍♂️

    1. We’ll I’m hoping it’s not the only way that works for me – that will get expensive 😁

  4. I remember when I first had a monster computer., the one where the “box” thing was a big add-on…I lived in a 2 story house and I so wanted to drop it to the concrete outside. But it was too difficult.Life has changed since then, a laptop is my beast…along with my phone.

  5. Once in a while my heart sinks into my stomach when I think that my computer has crashed. Died dead. Once recovered from the utter horror at the thought of losing oh, maybe 28,000 old emails, I quickly realize an incredible sense of relief that I no longer have to deal with 28,000 old emails. What a blessing! Then the darn thing reboots again, and there I am, stuck with those blasted 28K emails again. I won’t even TALK about the tangle of files . . . Enjoy your freedom whilst ye may . . .

  6. Wow, how the hell can you smash a laptop with a salt shaker? I can’t imagine how this happened.

    1. I don’t know if it will make sense but here goes. I had the laptop on the kitchen counter, to my left. I had my food also on the counter, in front of me. I had moved the salt & pepper shakers from their usual spot (behind where my computer was) to a place closer to my plate. After using them, I thought I would put them back in their spot behind the computer. For some reason I was still looking at my plate when I started this move. As I attempted to reach over and beyond my laptop without looking, I came up short and hit the screen (rather gently I thought) with the bottom of the shaker. 😵😵

  7. I found your blog, I genuinely feel bad as I saw the title and I got annoyed about the murder of technology but I’m glad I read through it because it gave me insight and I did relate to it, I often want to throw my phone into the canal because of how much I depend on it.

    You have got yourself another follower!

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