Podcast:  How Free Are We?

Are Americans freer than Europeans?  Find out when Troy Headrick and Cristiana (“crisbiecoach”) have a thought-provoking discussion on freedom, enslavement, choice, possessions, money, and a variety of related topics. 

11 thoughts on “Podcast:  How Free Are We?

  1. I enjoyed listening to this, especially when Cristiana referenced one of my all-time favorite lyrics, from Bob Marley’s Redemption Song 😎

  2. I listened again and noticed that we covered a lot of ground.

    It’s so true that freedom is inextricably connected to choice. If I go into an ice cream shop and only have two flavors to choose from, and a friend of mine goes into a different ice cream shop and has fifteen flavors, which one of us is freer? I guess we are both free to eat ice cream, but my choices are so limited that I’m not free to choose mint chocolate chip if the shop I go into doesn’t offer that flavor.

    Cristiana’s point that regulation sometimes promotes freedom is a very good one. I’ll give you an example of that. In Cairo, the Egyptian govt doesn’t regulate air pollution. This means those of us who live in Cairo aren’t free to breath clean air.

    Rules can very much contribute to freedom.

    1. I like the reference to the ice cream, but what if the only two flavors are more tasty? Here we could open another debate! During the podcast, I think you made a very good point when you spoke about the car, that limits your freedom to choose another means of transport, besides the fact that it is very expensive. And indeed rules can contribute to freedom, also by defining when your own freedom ends, because you may impact/invade freedom of the other(s).

  3. @ Troy. I listened to the podcast, trying to catch up all what I left behind during a crazy working week. I liked it, actually I enjoyed a lot our conversation. It’s interesting the concept of choice when we speak about freedom, and also that making compromises is opposite to being free. The talk is very balanced, there are positive but also negative perspectives.

    1. Of the talks we’ve done so far, this one felt the most unpredictable as it was playing out. I had no idea where the conversation was going a lot of the time, but I think it worked out pretty well. I have long realized that without choice, there is no freedom. We usually have fun too, don’t we?

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