Ordinary Blessings


Today’s topic is blessings.

Everyone one of us have things we can be grateful for. Some of those things are so ordinary that we may not even see them as blessings. For example, if we can have the means to have breakfast and dinner every day, that is a blessing. I had broken my wrist a few years ago and I could not use my hand for some weeks. Then, I realized what a blessing having a functional arm/hand was. I had never thought of having an arm as something to be thankful for.

The reason I am writing this post today is something that happened yesterday. I have a lot of friends and I spend a good amount of time with them. I go stay at their place and they at mine. My mom just arrived and two of my friends stayed at my place after she arrived. We had a really good time, but at some point, my social battery started running out. But my friends left anyways, so I was ok. Then, a few hours after, my neighbor just dropped by. I love people and my neighbor, but I was kind of tired of being with people for a long time. She stayed a bit and left. After, I told my mom that I was happy she did not stay long. My mom said: ‘Why do you say that? If they did not love you, would they come visit you?’. And that hit me hard. For a long time, I had prayed for friends and now I have it and I should probably be more thankful about this. Maybe, I have a lot of friends now, so it became ordinary and I am forgetting that it is a blessing.

What do you think about all of this? What blessing do you have you can be more grateful for? Let’s discuss!


24 thoughts on “Ordinary Blessings

  1. My next door neighbor knew I had been sick over Thanksgiving and she came and checked on me. I don’t remember the last time someone did that for me. Such a simple thing but I am so grateful.

  2. Thank you for posting! Tough call really. Feeling grateful and needing time alone are not necessarily related. I think that recognizing and listening to your social battery (I adore that term so thank you for that), is also something that requires gratitude. To be grateful that you recognized your feelings, felt safe in expressing them to someone, and tried to do what YOU needed at that time.

    On the flip side, maybe the person who came over at that moment needed that time with you for whatever reason so you filled their need.

    I appreciate how you mention simple things we often do not think of and therefore, forget to feel gratitude towards having them.

    I’m looking forward to your reading other people’s perspectives

    1. I often have this conflict too and which side I am on changes from time to time. I think right now, I am more on the side of choosing to spend time with people and maybe be more flexible with other times of my day. For example, to compensate for that, I can go to sleep earlier instead of scrolling on tiktok for hours. So, some trade-off might be possible.
      I think it is the simple things that keep us going and I am also looking forward to seeing what everyone has to say.

  3. Taking time for yourself, in solitude, to recharge is also a blessing, dear one! Thank you for your post!

    1. It is, definitely. But I am trying to see if I can still appreciate everyone in my life enough and make time for myself. I have experienced my biggest down times when I did not do the second, so I don’t plan to do that this time.

  4. I have always reflected on my gratitude for things I took for granted like a warm bed and shelter but it was just something I said because I really did take it for granted. Then this October I took part in a Sleepout to raise awareness for homelessness. One night sleeping on the street in London changed my perspective. Now I have a depth of gratitude and think every night about those people who have not been blessed with a bed and shelter for the night. We have so much to be grateful for.

  5. There are so many things for which to be grateful! Most people take many of them for granted, but think about it:

    The ability to walk, when many people cannot.

    The ability to care for yourself, when others cannot.

    The ability to read and comprehend when so many struggle with this.

    The ability to see God’s beautiful creations around you when others are blind.

    The ability to hear a beautiful melody when there is deafness in our world.

    The ability to give thanks instead of looking for what you lack.

    God bless!

  6. Right dear there are lots of things that are blessing for us and we take them for granted. Thanks for posting 👏 being a mother that’s the lesson I should try to teach my kid.

  7. Having a partner in life is a great gift to me. I cannot imagine solitary life and if dependent for daily chores hits me harder to even think about it. I have health issues so family support is the biggest strength and gratitude I ask for and thankful for it.

  8. Relatable post, Betul! It’s great to have friends, but quiet time is also nice. Right now, I am basking in the afterglow of a wonderful Thanksgiving week spent with my daughters, the first time I have spent with them since the pandemic began. Glad your mother got to spend some time with you. 🙂

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