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Today I want to talk about strategies that can be used when we are feeling demotivated.

Motivation is important. It drives us to do things we need to do. But it is not always easy to be motivated at all times. Sometimes, we get demotivated just at the wrong times. What do we do in those times?

I think there are two things to check first: First is why we are demotivated? For example, are we tired and need some rest? Second is can we afford to be demotivated at that time? Is there a strict deadline coming up? If we are tired and there are no strict deadlines, I think the best thing to do is to take the time off and rest because that is literally what our bodies are telling us then.

What if we are not tired and there is no strict deadline but we still feel demotivated? This might help millions of reasons but one common one is anxiety. It is important to understand why we feel anxious and try to deal with that in the best way we can (these ways need a whole new post, so I will leave it at that).

What do we do if we are not tired, there is a strict deadline but we still feel demotivated? So we actually really need to work right now. In those cases, one thing that usually works for me is doing the opposite of what I feel. If I feel like I want to stay in bed, I get up and get overdressed, for example. Changing work environment might also help. If you can work in another location than you usually do, that can help too. These require extra cognitive effort and are not always easy to do, but when I can, they work.

What are some way do you use to deal with demotivation? Let’s discuss that.


27 thoughts on “Demotivation

  1. I often think that a lack of motivation is psychological. The best way to get over that initial slump is to simply get started. Do that by setting a ridiculously easy goal. I will write for 5 mins or write 1 paragraph. Invariably once we get started we’re happy to continue and do lots more.

    1. I find this to be true for me too. More accurately, I know there are times when this isn’t always the case, so I’ll add that I’ve gotten a feel for when it applies. Otherwise, sometimes I’ll start and then realise that nope, I’m not feeling it whatsoever, but at least now I know that it’s something else that I’ve got to consider.

      1. Perhaps you need a rest as you suggest? Still, I think forming a habit is the most important thing when it comes to reaching goals. That means showing up regardless of how you feel. But if you really can’t hack it one day, it’s important not to beat yourself up. Life happens of course, and no one is perfect. Simply brush yourself off and get back on the horse the next day.

  2. I am demotivated when I have to do something that I don’t like, or that is boring. So, I try to plan for enjoyable things to do after that, also work related.

  3. Good trainers knows that dogs don’t just have drive to perform, the trainer creates the drive and excitement. It is probably the same for people, don’t wait for inspiration, use every day to make a little game out of “work”. Make work fun and exciting. Not easy, but you have to think about creating enough stimulation every day. Flurry D. Dog

      1. You can learn a new skill, take a course, attend a conference, arrange work/study meetings with friends, reward yourself with a good meal after boring duties. Sometimes when we have the least time, we get most things done!

        For us dogs it can be to play tug with our family every day, regular play dates with our furry friends, to learn a new trick and get extra yummy treats! We have to be proactive to make life interesting. /Flurry D. Dog

  4. Sometimes I find I’m demotivated because I’m feeling slow in general, so getting myself up and running (both literal and figuratively) helps me to get around to it.

    Other times it’s because I feel insecure about or lacking something. Obvious examples of this is if someone you’ve fallen out with a friend or family recently or haven’t gotten any proper sleep—difficult to think when either of those cases apply, but in those cases, one method I use is to allocate an appropriate time and plan for me to repair that before it gets any worse. I even have a board on the wall to write up checklists that can include stuff like that.

    Other times it genuinely is because I lacked the motivation for something, as in I’ve lost sight of what it’s all for. Sometimes the nitty gritty details takes away the colour from something I do, so I fail to see the purpose of it anymore, even if I can articulate it. For example, if I were to choose to write about something against another based on what I feel an audience prefers, that can get annoying. In that case, I might spend some time writing for myself, in a journal or publishing something I feel people may not like, but I like instead.

    There’s more, including the one AP2 mentioned, but my response more or less depends on understanding the feelings behind my demotivation.

    1. Ok, this answers my question in your previous comment. And honestly, you put it so well, I have nothing more to add. Your comment can be a separate post because it has so many good points! I will just say that I agree all these can be reasons and it is important to look at them.

      1. When commenting, I do find myself wondering every so often if I can instead write a post about it, but I almost always decide to go with the comment instead because I love being able to talk about it directly with another blogger instead 😁

  5. Well, I try to switch my focus on things I like from there it gets easier to boost my self esteem which suffers the wrath of disinterested feelings.

  6. Hmm… I would try to think of the reason(s) why I am demotivated, and based on them, the circumstances and the environment I currently live in, I would take action. I do not wish to repeat what others have already said, so here are my tips:
    1. Talk to someone. Yes. I am saying this, though I am an introvert, as I know not everyone is as secretive as I. The topic of conversation need not revolve around why you are feeling demotivated, but just having a good conversation (I am not including small talk or gossip) can uplift your spirits.
    2. Sometimes, certain things you do may make you demotivated, like eating too much junk food, watching the news too often etc. In such cases it is better to stop rather than continue. If stopping is not possible, cut down on such bad habits.
    3. There was a period this year when I felt quite depressed and demotivated. But I eventually got out of it. Maybe just the realisation that you will get out of this funk one day might motivate you.
    Hope this helped.

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