Let’s be the voice of silence

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Hi everyone! Wishing all of you a happy Sunday!

My life has been very quiet recently, probably the quietest it has ever been. I did not choose to have it, I was forced, but it is honestly a good phase after the many turmoil I had to go through some months back. Surprisingly, I really like the quietness. Normally, I am an active person. I like moving around, talking to people, just doing things in general. So, I would never think that I would enjoy the silence and quietness I have now. I am not only enjoying it but I am literally making it more so so that I can get the most out of this phase.

Silence and quietness are powerful. It gives you the biggest insights about yourself, your life and life in general. With distractions gone, the mind has now the time and energy to focus on these bigger points. This opening then opens new doors in life. A good kind of cycle comes with it. But it is challenging to be in that state because we are not used to it anymore. It requires a lot of patience. Maybe you can guess, I am not a very patient person. This process, however, made me a lot more patient with people and events and processes. I think the biggest thing I learnt from this year is patience and I am very happy about it. I am thankful to this silent time for this learning.

Have you experienced phases of silence and quietness in your life, either voluntarily or by force? If so, what did you gain from it? Let’s talk about quietness and silence today and give a voice to them.


49 thoughts on “Let’s be the voice of silence

  1. Silence is powerful. It allows you to listen to yourself, look deeper into yourself, find out who you really are. Don’t be afraid of it, embrace it.

  2. There is nothing like the sound of the silence. Yes, it has its own sound, like the song says 🙂 When everything is silent if you listen intently there is a kind of a hum, very low, steady, peaceful. When you meditate for some time as in years you come to know that between the sounds in our world if you listen and can grasp that sound rises and then falls and between each sound is the silence hum and it is indeed beautiful 🙂

  3. I delved into solitude quite deliberately, with guidance from Thomas Merton’s book New Seeds of Contemplation.
    It is quite excruciating at first but is something I believe would benefit any and all who intend to enter into silence.

  4. I’ve never been one to sit well in silence, as the cacophony within my head would then take centre stage and become unbearable. I’d bet my family would enjoy it, if I could. 😆

    I am forever in awe of those able to meditate and find inner peace.

    1. Believe me, I was like that too. It took a lot of patience on my part to get to that. At the beginning, I could not sit a minute in silence. It is worth it at the end.

  5. I am in the middle of CranioSacral training, and the tutor has a saying. “Sit and wait for the mud to settle. Don’t keep disturbing the tissue and muddying the water” it works a treat, to sit quietly with someone and be a therapeutic presence. Thanks for this post. Blessings Joy

  6. When I take a walk, I prefer silence. All those years of meditation have in some way made it easier to focus on the inside while walking. It happens naturally, without an effort.

      1. It will come to you too if you set your mind to it. It will take experience without effort. If you want it bad enough, you will get to it but the catch is that you shouldn’t crave for it.

  7. It’s hard to sit in silence right now. My dad passed away on 9-11-21 and I was in Maui for a week grieving with the beautiful scenery and my music. But the one time I remember silence was when I was snorkeling 🤿 with a turtle and at peace under water. Thanks for this timely post!

  8. Unfortunately I’ve experienced much silence due to health issues. It took a while, but one day, I realized my mind focuses a great deal while in a recovery phase. At first, it’s bad because I don’t feel too ill to think, but as the clouds clear, I enjoy it. Usually end up with new things to write about.

  9. I believe each season or cycle which comes into our lives is for great purpose. Both for ourselves and for the family and community circles we are in. Being able to flow with each change is part or our letting go of our expectations and releasing our pains to embrace our present moment. Releasing our pains is the difficult part of the process. Each season or cycle brings new things and new opportunities.

    Blessings to you!

    1. If it was before, I would try to find things to do for myself, mostly things I do not need to do, because I could not sit in silence. Now, however, I am seeing this phase as God’s gift to me. It is the time to rest and it is phase.

  10. I prefer alone time which is more calming in my honest opinion. I do better when am silent and on my own with less distractions. What I found is that silence is not the absence of sound but rather the experience of non disturbance in it self. Silence is never created but runs on background, unborn and the eternal.

    1. What I found is that silence is not the absence of sound but rather the experience of non disturbance in it self.

      That is so true! I am also doing much better in silence, which is mind-blowing for me (you would know why if we had met in person:) )

  11. I enjoy my walk alone and in silence except when I greet other walkers. The quietness is a time for refreshing, reflecting, praying, and just being one with nature.
    Similarly, I enjoy reading in silence, getting lost in the book, and seeing the story unfold in my mind’s eye.
    Silence is precious.

    1. Yeah, that is a challenge. But I found it really helpful to sometimes stop my brain by just saying things like ‘Shut up!’ to myself. It shuts my mind up for a while.

  12. With silence,you introspect youself and i guess you get all the answers from within you which you were trying to get it from the outside world. It has its own song which you tune to. I feel so much Peace in the silence

  13. So happy for you that your brain listens to you. There are times it wakes me up in the middle of the night with the urge to put something down on paper. Fortunately, since I am a layabout I can sleep in.

    1. We all have our ways to deal with things.
      Side Note: My brain starts listening to me only after I am so fed up that I get angry and say ‘Enough is enough, shut up!’. Not before reaching that level.

    1. Hi! I just did. I was having a lot of internet problems that day, so I could not get any pictures to upload. So I had to use one that is already up. I should have cited, I am sorry!

  14. Very insightful post. I only started really appreciating silence recently. Without knowing or doing it on purpose, I always surrounded myself with noise: be it music, TV, phone conversations, meeting friends for drinks… But after my recent quarter-life crisis I gained a lot of perspective on how much this HABIT took away from my personal growth. I didn’t use to think of all that stuff as NOISE, but now I do. Now I see that a lot of it was just mindless filler, lacking in substance and most of the time distracting me. Now, I don’t hate all that stuff I used to like. But at least now I call it by its name and “consume” it with measure. Thanks for a nice post! P.S.: A few weeks ago I mentioned a blog post I was working on regarding important questions — I’m sorry I haven’t shared it yet! It’s about a new job I’m taking and I haven’t quite talked to all my bosses yet haha. So I don’t want to release the post before that. Regards!

    1. The beauty of silence starting hitting me after 27. I think we realize it after a certain age, but better late than never. I still have this habit a bit, but much less than before so I am happy.

      Let me know when you can post it!

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