Question of the Day: No. 539

Here’s a fun question for a Friday afternoon:

If someone wrote a book about your life, what would the title be and why?

Top marks for the best one.

As a pilot, one who has struggled with both depression and anxiety, I would call mine Clear Air Turbulence. In case you were wondering, it’s an aviation term defined as “the turbulent movement of air masses in the absence of any visual clues.”

I felt it was an apt metaphor for my life.

I look forward to hearing yours.


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142 thoughts on “Question of the Day: No. 539

  1. Hello, Your blog popped up in my feed and the title of this post caught my eye. What an interesting question!

    My book would be titled
    -Home: Where I Park My Geta-

    As a child I lived in Germany, then America. At age 18 I moved as a new bride to the remote island of Saipan and we’ve now retired to my husband’s hometown in rural Japan.

    Geta- Japanese style wooden sandals-

    When people ask me – where are you from? … I stumble because I grew up very multicultural. Right now Japan is home. It probably will be for the duration, but who knows?

    To me home is where I park my shoes ( Geta)….

    1. I love it. I often stumble when people ask me where I’m from. I was born in Wales but moved to England before I was 2. My first memories are there but then I moved to Hong Kong at the age of 6. Went back to the UK for University then settled back in HK again for work. I LOVE Japan. Definitely somewhere I think I could live. Wishing you well 🙏

      1. Ah- so you understand. I get strange looks sometimes when I fumble around trying to answer “so… where are you from… where’s home?”

        I met a lot of people on all those long-haul flights from Saipan to Wisconsin when the kids were little. My parents lived in Wisconsin. I really racked up the flight miles during those years. When I think back I’m not sure how I did it. In the early years all that was available was the “Island Hopper”- Continental Air Micronesia. What an adventure!

      2. Awesom – I often wonder how I manage 2 to 3 long haul trips a month. It certainly does a number on the body/mind. Still, it’s certainly an adventure!

  2. Surviving, I choose survival because my life as child was a struggle. Every home I lived in was like a battlefield. But today I have my own peaceful life with my husband and my five amazing kids. I see myself as survivor.

    1. You have to be a survivor to put up with 5 kids!! I barely cope with 2! Thank you Pamela. Surviving is what we must all learn to do before we can thrive. It’s a good title. 🙏

  3. The Lonely Therapist: I play the role of a Therapist in everyone’s life, someone they can always turn to and that is always willing to listen to people’s rant on how their life is a mess..I always end up hearing “You always give the best advice you should have studied psychology instead of Journalism and Media”..No one ever asks me how I feel and even if they do(more out of courtesy than anything) I always say “I’m good thanks”..I live with the stories and demons of the people around me that I forget to live my own story and I kept my demons buried however they keep lurking in my head.

    1. It’s a beautiful title for a book. I often catch myself saying I’m good thanks even when I’m really not. I think many of us don’t want to be a burden on others so we try to bury or hide our pain. At some point we all need someone to turn to who we can trust. Thank you for sharing Shireen 🙏

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