Hi everyone,

I want to talk about motivation today. I had a few conversations lately about how we can motivate ourselves and maybe also others. It is an important topic, right?

I think I am not shy to make changes in my life. I actually enjoy it very much and too much stability in one place kind of scares me. I think the way I motivate myself has a big role to play in this. When I have a decision to make about whether to do something, I think of a future time and ask myself ‘Will I think I should have tried it?’. The answer is overwhelmingly yes. To help this, I also ask myself ‘Will I keep thinking about this?’. The answer is often yes. So, in light of this, I almost always end up doing the thing. This applies to big as well as small things.

For example, let’s say I am thinking of a career change and I think it will be good for me. But I am hesitant because change is scary. Then, I ask myself: ‘How will I feel in 5 years?’ and I imagine myself in that state. This can apply to small things too, Let’s say I want to eat some pizza today and I haven’t had it in some time. I again ask myself ‘Will I be happy two hours after it? If I don’t eat it, will I keep thinking about it?’ (I am not endorsing eating excessive unhealthy food here but you get the point).

Another motivating factor for me is to ask: ‘Will people benefit from it?’. These people can be all humans or a friend of mine. If it will be, I go ahead and do it unless it will overwhelm me too much. This thinking has helped me take some important steps in life.

What is your motivating factor? How do you motivate yourself? Let’s discuss motivation.


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  1. Betul, another really good post and I agree with your reasoning. I like to add that when you don’t get things done, sometimes getting MORE busy helps. It is counter-intutive, I know, but I have throughout my life observed that busy people get things done. Too much time on your hand makes you do…nothing.

  2. Really useful for me, I’m the kind of person who is scared of changes, and only in the last months I’ve started asking myself the same question as you: “Do I think I should have tried it?”. And the answer was yes most of the time, so probably my motivation comes from the willingness to do everything I’ve always postponed 🙂

  3. My motivation varies with my energy so I try to work with that. For example I felt lethargic today so I read and researched my next project rather than pushing myself “not to waste time”. If I just got on with it I would have probs made mistakes and the result holds no passionate, both of which demotivate me in erms of future plans.

  4. I still rely too often on negative motivation. I’m working on that but it’s hard to give up habits that work. And they do work, even if the side effects are dire. One thing I try to remind friends and family when we’re talking about change, when they’re dithering, is that time passes. You mentioned this too. In five years, it will be five years later. What will you wish you did?

      1. Well, the eating disorder voice is pretty constant with those still, but I suppose things like when I wanted to get started re-upholstering the dining room chairs. I do everything in stages and days, but when the day came to finally start the recovering, I wanted to balk. But instead of being kind, my inside voice was hard: “Do you want people to think you can’t do anything? Other people do far more: prove you have value by doing at least one thing!”

        That kind of stuff.

  5. A challenge is something that motivates me, knowing that I will emerge on the other side having gained something.

    The wellbeing of my family and son is also motivating for me and trying to do my best for their wellbeing.

  6. I love the advice you gave about thinking from the perspective of 5 years me! It seems like we can dream beyond our comfort zones when we develop that perspective. 🙂 What personally motivates me is doing what’s aligned and authentic to me. I also love synchronicities from the universe!

  7. Yes, thinking of the future is always a great thing. It works with alcohol for me. I just think: Will I like feeling like crap later? What about tomorrow’s hangover? And that’s helped me overcome the cravings. Thanks for this post!

  8. It’s interesting that you wrote about this at a time when I needed this a lot! I’m usually the person who is terrified of change but recently I’ve been regretting some lack of action in the past on my part. And so I decided to try some things that otherwise I was too scared to go for! The timing is not the best, but I also know I don’t want to wait to find out any more, and whatever the results are, whether positive or negative, hopefully at least I can tell my future self that I can’t regret not trying! Thank you for this post, it encouraged me a lot more. 🙂 🙂

    1. I am glad it related to you! I was also not a change-lover, but I had to start from somewhere. It is kind of scary initially, but you will en up loving it, I am sure! It makes life a lot more exciting.

      1. Yes and also fills you with less regret in life!!! 🙂 🙂 I am glad to hear you started loving the idea of change which resulted in you motivating us for it as well! 🙂

  9. My motivation comes from time each morning in my sanctuary where I read the Bible, study devotionals, and pray. I ask God to help me plan my day. My prayer ends with “Help me be what you made me to be. Show me what you want me to do as I walk in Your Will.” Mapping out a plan for the day with God’s help keeps me motivated to fulfill those plans. Thank you for your post… it gave me food for thought because there are days when all the best laid plans do not get accomplished. But, I know God forgives me!

  10. Trying is a scary word indeed… but I think it’s mostly only applicable when we’re about to do something uncertain or we don’t like

    I only have one goal for this year: get a full time job. As much as I enjoy freelancing, I could use some actual working environment as well. Meeting new people too

  11. I am similar in the way I motivate myself- I try to imagine life down the road if I had picked each pathway. I analyze them a bit and am glad that I can see both ways before choosing one that better fits me. Great post 🙂

  12. Interesting post. Thanks.
    It’s true that when you view something from the future, you give it a perspective. You can easily see how important it is or not.
    When I have to do something I know is important, I just start it, at least, and stop listening to the voice that tries to pull me back and whispers “What’s the use?”

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  14. Coincidently, I’ve just written a piece on motivation as well. At this critical time, apart from family and friends support, self-motivation is more important than ever. Simply because, we can hear all advices we want, ultimately the one who will make anything happen is us. Listen to our inner voice, find that courage to do something for ourselves.

  15. You thought is so appropriate but sometimes we have to think a lot about our family before Taking any decision.. There r a lot of people out there who actually puts their family first n then their ownselves Or their dreams!! It’s a bit demotivating isn’t it? It would be great to hear from you on this topic too… There are a lot of things which actually makes us happy.. But the thought of others interrupts it!! What to do at that time??

    1. Yes, that is a very important topic and a tough situation. I did not focus on that part because I do not have a whole lot of experience in that and I did not want to talk about something that I did not first-hand experience. But I will give it some thought. Maybe

      1. Well it basically depends on family type!! Like if they’re way too conservative then there’s a need think over it!! Anyways supportive family n friends always help to get out of this situation or even they don’t take us to this kinda situation… Everything seems so smooth!!

  16. I have enjoyed reading your piece, I was motivated to start doing my onw blogs has well, always loved to write but never found the courage to do so, thinking that what I wrote might not be perfect enough for someone to read, I have gathered that courage though, sometimes last week after I came upon your post. Thank you

    1. That is so nice to hear! I am glad my post resonated with you and helped you to do something! If you have a talent like writing, I think you should display it. The world deserves to see it!

  17. I’ve learnt over the years that less is more. Less is more when it comes to goals. Otherwise you flip flop through your working life looking for the next motivator. Well that’s my experience.

  18. It can work wonders when you figure out how to keep yourself motivated🌟 I really like how you worked it out and that you enjoy the process. I do have similar practices – I am a dreamer so I often picture myself where I want to be. I also tend to believe in a law of attraction – which means I want to stay positive and bring the good vibes on board.

    Helping others is super important to me too. I am the “good” selfish type – it’s a real thing I promise 😀 Every single human being is selfish in a way – so I love helping others because it makes me feel good and that’s my motivation. And I like working on stuff that can make a difference. Or I love being a part of a community that supports each other. So I seek all this stuff to keep my levels up! Keep up with your motivation, it work wonders 🌟 I wish you all the best 🌟

    1. It sounds like a wonderful way to live life, what you are doing! I do agree that positive vibes and helping people should be the core of all of us. It is what makes us happy. I am glad you got there!

  19. Up until a few years ago I found it very difficult to say, “I want to do “, and know that I was speaking the truth. In other words I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, or wasn’t sure how to be sure!

    Much like the process you’ve identified here I started to be more introspective, to delve into the ‘whys’ behind the way I spent my time. That has been a whole process in itself, let alone making the decision to do any single one thing, like eat a particular food for dinner, or write and edit a book manuscript!

    Thank you for the encouragement to examine our thought processes deeply, and move towards a more consistent mindset. 😊

    1. Believe me, I have been there many times in my life and I think I sometimes still go back and forth. But introspection always helps. Let’s all be more consistent in this!


  21. This is an interesting questions what motivates me.
    My family and ensure they have the very best life.
    I motivate me I push myself to better that the persons I was yesterday in kindness, in my career, in the things I do and say.
    I try and be better than the person I was yesterday.
    But my most motivating inspiration is my daughter, she is my dream come true and I am motivated to give her the world if I can…..

    Thank you for sharing this post, helped to remember what drives me and motivates me when you type it out and see it written down somehow gives you even more motivation…have an awesome day!!!😊

  22. I enjoyed this piece. I related most to the part where you discuss career change. I am in that mindset right now. I am torn between a career change and just an employer change. I want to learn computer programming and have completed a few chapters of a book to self-teach myself, but I keep getting stuck when it comes to continuing on. I’m not sure if it is because I know I am trying to learn for a career change and it scares me or if it is just not something I’m passionate enough about. Either way, this article gave me some new perspectives to consider.

  23. We often motivate ourselves to do challenging things? I motivated myself not to change myself with negative people around. So, were you able to make real change in your career?

  24. Personally for me it’s about the values I stand for and who I want to be. Each day feels has a beautiful set of experiences which sends an emotional trigger – some of which we like and some we don’t. It is fascinating to listen to them and try to change the ones we don’t like. If not that atleast accept and be conscious of our minds and respect that. Perhaps the biggest motivator for me is to look inward and think – is this what I can stand for, does it agree with my value set. in addition there’s a side which wants to keep trying new things just for the fun of it.

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