27 thoughts on “Keep or Change?

  1. People can change in various ways. I believe that deep down, we are set to be a certain way but some do change due to different circumstances. Fear is a huge motivator, as are other emotions but once that wears off or any perceived threat is past, I think we have a strong tendency to drift back to where we were, with a slightly different perspective.

  2. It’s not just about if we want to change ,it’s also about why we do.The intensity of the need for change plays a huge role in determining our change

  3. I stopped consuming alcohol. I’d consider that a change; however, I’ll always be an alcoholic and there’s always going to be a pull towards it. I can only speak for myself, but I hope this change doesn’t revert back.

  4. Change is possible but not probable. A mindset that took years, since childhood, to build itself, cannot change in few days or months. The natural change we see is of behaviour and activities, otherwise that of mindset is a slow process like evolution but there are swifter methods.

    1. In case of people wanting to change, it is the same character that either overlays a new or rebuilds own character. Being ‘create and destroy’, voluntary change is initially a destructive process, that is against the sanity of brain.

      1. Say someone recognises the need to change their ways for they had been quite self destructive or self absorbed. Yet for all their efforts, they change somewhat but ultimately not at all because the same results occur around them as always before. What then? Twas all for naught?

  5. Everything is changing each and every second in this universe. Nothing is meant to be still. That’s why we change too. Our thoughts, body etc. We can’t choose to change or not, it’s a part of nature. Change happens even of we’re not aware of it.

  6. Yes, people can change, and that change can become integrated into who we are. I have changed a few core things about myself, and they are for the best, they are permanent. It requires thought replacement and self-validation because only I know if what I’m working in is best for me.

    1. very good and wise. I fear I am no where near as wise as I thought I once was. I fear that I never changed at all, I merely learned how to mask my inner crap in new and unassuming ways. Turns out I was just playing myself the whole time.

  7. Change is necessary – everything around us changes, if we don’t change or adapt to our surroundings, then we’re stunted.
    Making the choice to change – not just because of peer pressure, or the weather or whatnot – that’s the tricky bit. It takes time to root out the old codes, and rewrite them or create patches to fix what no longer serves. It’s intensive, and yes, there can be some backsliding into old habits. But if you really want to change something about yourself, something realistic, not suddenly being a foot taller, but behavior or outlook – you absolutely can do it.

  8. Yes you can change. It depends where you start off, what happens to you, what happens that is different for you – then you change. It isn’t always a choice.

  9. I believe we can and do change, but only to make adjustments to get out of our own way of becoming who we were made to be. I have enjoyed feeling this happening in my life now.

    1. I agree we can make adjustments to become who we really are but see that as growth like growing up from childhood and maturing into adulthood

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