20 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 461

  1. I’d associate this with “waking up on the wrong side of the bed”. No idea why I’m grumpy, I just know that for some reason I am.
    I’ve become pretty attuned to my moods and emotions. The faster I can pinpoint them, the easier it is for me to sit in them and do my best to change them. Whether it’s eating a piece of chocolate to try and change my mood with an outside factor that makes me happy or doing some mini brainstorming to figure out what’s driving the mood, I feel that I have a choice to either be crabby or get out of it.
    If those ideas don’t work, I try to do something nice for someone else. That allows me to fully step outside of myself and do a good deed which almost always changes my mood for the better.

  2. I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder caused by a chemical imbalance, plus menopause. My mood swings are off the charts these days. I have learned to cope with my anxiety when it acts up. I just remind myself that it’s anxiety and not some other illness or whatever.

  3. I was having a bad week, however nothing was really wrong and then one day all became good…I really couldn’t discern why I felt happy suddenly…But yeah, now may be I know what was the reason behind it…

  4. Being bi-polar, sometimes it’s just a chemical shift that I can’t really do much about. I look at what has shifted – have I had some kind of steroid recently? That is pretty much guaranteed to make me a negative person. Has there been something that has been weighing on my that I have done nothing about, and it has reached a tipping point? Is it something I can control? Sometimes it’s a matter of saying “Look, I’m seeing this response, or behavior. AM I feeling out of control? ” That’s where post it notes and lists help minimize stress. If I’m feeling good, I look at why, so I can recreate that feeling at another time.

  5. Strange this question comes up today because I woke up extremely depressed. I was fine when I went to bed though. I think my dreams have a lot to do with my moods. Having bipolar disorder contributes to my moods as well.

  6. I’m pretty reactive to the things around. I’m also cusp of Gemini, so I find that my mood changes at the drop of a hat. I tend to not question things. I simply acknowledge my feelings and let them go.

  7. When I finally catch the sudden mood change, I try to think of what fueled the change. How did I come to be in this new mental space? Introspection and trying to figure out why I went one direction or another for one reason or another.

  8. Mostly in the moments in which my hormones dominate my life 🙂 Otherwise there’s always a reason (or a thought) behind them…

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