23 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 460

  1. Everything….but I’m not in a position to have a voice that but it would start with forecasting. Unfortunately I can’t go into details about my work but I would change a lot if I wasn’t so afraid to voice my opinion.

  2. Upper level management to be transparent about how the company is really operating instead of telling everyone that we’re being restructured and are doing the best they can.
    Also, there’s one person who I cannot stand…

      1. Amen. I just went and did an interview with a staffing company, so at least I feel like I’m taking action for myself!!

  3. In a perfect world or and workplace ,Less division among workers caused by petty personalities; petty personalities are small yet are hugely counterproductive in any workforce

  4. You are one of the nominees that I have chosen for the Special Blogger Award. Please see my Special Blogger Award post for more details and thank you for your great work!

  5. Some unwanted people who have only job of gossiping and making fun of others. Who always try to show mirror to others and forget to see themselves in it.

  6. I did several lines of suggestions and then realized if I want to keep my job, discretion would be a wise choice here. But the exercise in doing that was fun.

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