29 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 446

  1. Money is overrated. It splits us up into classes and leaves us with ‘the haves & the have nots’. Way back in the day, us lower class citizens would barter with our neighbors to get what we needed to survive by trading our services or goods, but that was in a time where neighbors helped each other. You don’t see that much these days. We’re too busy gossiping about our neighbors instead of helping them.

  2. Though money itself is an arbitrary objectification, I don’t think there is better and easier alternative of money. What do you come up with?

  3. I am pragmatic…money is convertible into all kinds of assets / goods. It is quite helpful….and I don`t trade with love, affection, friendship or any other emotion.

  4. Ideally, we’d all contribute enough that we could get what we needed to survive and have some comfort and safety net. I’m not entirely sure how that would play out, as we’ve got so much invested (intentional pun) in keeping score. I think the loss of ego, or the need to be top dog would be the starting point.

      1. An interesting bit of trivia – the Oz books beyond ‘The Wizard of Oz” talk (very briefly) about there never being any need for money. People shared resources and products openly. Of course, this is a magical land, with cream puffs growing on bushes and such, but the idea was there. To my recollection, it’s only the first book that mentions money.

        This has made me a “socialist” in the eyes of my Uncle (which is hysterical, the books I read were his and my mother’s and their brother’s) – but in truth, I’m not that fussed about keeping track of who has what. Would there be people who didn’t contribute at all, because they didn’t “have” to, in order to survive. Yes. Absolutely. Just as there would be people who would feel the need to have more chairs or books, or a stash of Girl Scout cookies in order to feel better about themselves. Perhaps the trickiest bit would be to accept people as they are, and not by what they have?

  5. There is no alternative for money as much as being no alternative for oxygen or food for eating, money is just a tool and like all tools, they do a particular job, a hammer is no alternative for a bucket the right tool for the right job.

  6. Having moments in your life that actually bring substance. What is the point of life if there is no meaning behind it? Money is a tempory fix just like a drug, no genuine happiness comes of it.

  7. Even thou I’m fully aware this is idealistic, I’ve always thought it would be nice if all necessities could be provided for everyone in the world with maybe something along the lines of a “point system” from employment being put into effect for everything else including entertainment and the like.

    Once again though I understand this is not realistic in multiple ways in our current society.

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