23 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 445

  1. We sleep in, go for a morning hike around the lake (it’s 55 degrees in my fantasy) and come home to garden.
    Yogurt and raspberry parfaits for breakfast.
    There is NO housecleaning or laundry.

  2. A perfect morning would be like this,
    “When I wake up at 5:00 am then offer my fajr(early) prayer and Recite Holy Quraan. After that, I go for a morning walk. Coming back from the walk I do some workout to get some energy and to be active all day. Then I make my breakfast with toast, omelet and a cup of tea with zero sugar. Then I pack and keep the required things in my bag for college. I get ready for college and then go to college.
    On the way I say this sentence to myself: you’re the greatest person on this planet.

    Wow! Perfect isn’t it!
    🙂 <3

  3. Firstly thank you for following my blog. You are awesome! 😊

    My perfect day would be:
    – wake up early
    – hit the gym and have a good session
    – get back and wake, change, feed and play with my daughter
    – when she naps, do some writing


  4. Wake up with my better half and open double doors to oceanfront view over blue waters. Nothing on the schedule but relax and do what we want. Have breakfast delivered. No TV or smartphones. Listen to the water and have fun.

  5. Waking up next to my love and not having any responsibilities for the morning. Now that we’re parents we don’t have that luxury anymore. Sometimes we take turns letting the other parent sleep in on Saturday mornings. So that’s nice when I get to sleep in 🙂

  6. A perfect morning for me is when I wake up with the sound of birds chirping, with no tension, a big smile on my face and a hearty breakfast and some music . Lastly, with nothing but peace of mind and body.

  7. Getting up late-ish but not too late, hanging out with the family, and going to our local breakfast place Kathy’s for some pancakes or French toast. 🙂

  8. I like waking early & reading in bed snuggled into husband. I am lucky enough to have that kind of morning most weekends.

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