People are the same, but different

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   I know, it’s a f*cked up title, but bear with me. In my daily journey in the world I’ve noticed something interesting: each and every one of us is unique in the way we think, but bottom line, we all want the same things. I’m sure you’ve noticed there are multiple paths to the same destination. As an example, think about the latest holiday you’ve taken. I’m sure you weren’t the only one there and there were other tourists as well, but I’m also sure they haven’t come there the same way you did. Some of them came with their personal car, others came by plane and others by train. They all came to the same place, but why and how they did it, it’s different from a person to another.

   This thing applies in all our areas of our lives. Almost every person on this planet goes to work everyday, but I’m sure the reason each and every one goes from different reasons (yes, I know that some reasons might be the same, but the way people see that reason is surely different).

   Everyone wants to be happy, everyone wants to have enough money (it’s different what enough means to each of us), everyone wants to be satisfied by the life he/she has and that’s why I say people are the same. The different part is what each of us is doing to get there. Some might choose to deceive other people, others might choose to work day and night, others might choose to kill someone and so on. There are also people that choose to do nothing to get there. It’s pure math: 0+4=4, but 1+3=4 and 2+2=4 too.

   Next time you feel the urge to argue with someone, remember he/she wants the feelings as you do, but they have a different way to get them so you might as well try to understand how they want to get there instead of trying to impose your own way.

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  1. I think, people should go to a place where life runs without money, if such place exists. Then they can realize what values lesser and what matters more than money. Am I jabbering ?!

  2. Awesome post. Something funny. My kids were still very small and we were standing in a long queue to buy some pies. Next moment the I heard my youngest behind me.. Mum, how did everyone decide to come here at the same time? Everyone started laughing and even the personnel relaxed. All statted chatting and have fun waiting.

  3. …hmm. Maybe that’s a mistaken assumption most of us make, assuming the same delineated fundamental wants and responses, feelings, assuming similar ongoing dialogs between us. The same 4. Any system, at its base, evolves to remain; living ones carry motivations to the same. But that how, that affect, sometimes reflects something a bit more troubling. If you will in the simplest: not quite 0+4 or 6-2 but… 1+1+1+1+1+1… the minuses thrusted elsewhere.

  4. I totally relate. When I first joined wordpress, I felt the “sameness” so much, as I read people’s blogs, I almost could not see how different we are.
    The same feeling expressed differently and triggered by different things.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. I have come to think that trying to be different is an illusion. For one thing, we’re not one of a kind, and whatever you do, there’s always someone who does the same thing

    I think the motivational quotes such as “Train hard or stay the same” or “You laugh because I am different, I laugh because you’re all the same” and etc, I think is no longer valid

    Because there is always someone else who does the same thing

  6. That is oh so true if we could just figure out a way to feed that truth to the masses maybe we would stop warring with one another.

  7. The idea of people become the same but different is interesting. However, i do believe that God has created each of us differently.

    The way we become more likely that the same but different i think due to our basic needs, values we believe, and the culture we live in.

    In order to understand better of other ‘s shoes, we should invest more in knowing others’ condition related to those above three attributes.

    In a simple way, there is this quality of human called tolerance. Tolerance makes other people be respected and in which there is always a room for everyone with different ideas, dreams, and thoughts.

    So how about people are different but the same .. Lol …

  8. I’m not cool with the deception and murdering paths of getting what one wants thing. It’s not a matter of wanting to argue with another; if they lack morality and their lack of said morality impacts me, then I will act. That’s how I roll.

    The rest of what you said seems copacetic.

    The one who wants the same feelings of happiness and having enough money but has a different way to get them? As in needing to go murder someone…..? Pffft, nah, I’m not going to feel all warm and fuzzy towards them. They need to see a damn shrink or priest and sort themselves out.

    We have to have faith brother, God will deliver us from poverty and depression.

    Great post, thanks for sharing, very thought provoking….

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