30 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 436

    1. I usually do while I compose them. For this one, my answer is the following:
      Strong will and always looking for what’s good in life helped me move on. The hope for the better is also a great helper, hope that comes from listening to all those great people out there that transmit it (people like Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, Jay Shetty, Tony Robbins, Tom Bilyeu and so on).

  1. I was terrified of Math exams during my school years. My dad said this before every exam and it got imprinted in my psyche ‘ Fear of danger is 10,000 times more dangerous than danger itself – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’. Also, as an adult, I often use the phrase ‘ Beat fear with faith’. So, these two have helped me get over tough times.

  2. It has come through knowing myself.

    Having social phobia, it would be much easier to stay home and let fear hold me back.

    But, because I know that I have a genuine desire for connection (not disconnection), I stay involved with my people and groups.

    Fear can speak very loudly. But getting to know my authentic self and desires, underneath the lies fear speaks, brings something stronger to the surface: the Courage to know what I want and not settle for less.

  3. To clearly identify what I am exactly afraid of….and if it is really soooo bad if the “risk” actually realizes….and to assess the probability that the risk will realize….
    Et voilà, often the elephant shrinks back to the size of a tiny mosquito.

  4. I also discovered in a few cases that I am not afraid of the event itself but of the aftermath. These consequences have been often based on assumptions only….all this excitement and negativity without any substantiated reason.
    I guess, this is called self-sabotage.

  5. The reason for my fear left me with PTSD and I am still trying to deal with that.

  6. I cried it out in a corner, drained my self of emotion; apathy as someone said earlier. Other times I overcome it when I remember the choices I still have left to influence change in my life, seemingly not enough, but enough to pull myself out.

    1. I must add, yet in other instances, I get angry at my fear. I tell fear itself “Imma make you my bitch” because I am sick and tired of being afraid. Then I get up to get busy with something, else to focus on.

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