41 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 433

  1. I can say that pain, and the fear of it, is keeping me in a place I don’t like. We’ll see what treatment does.

      1. Yes and no. I had a nerve block, which did some good as far as they physical pain. The downside is that I tend to a “prednisone psychosis” that makes me very manic and easily frustrated. It’s a trade off, and I’m hoping that I can find a way around the medication that doesn’t work, for one that doesn’t make me crazed.

  2. It keeps me from putting myself “out there.” I believe no one wants to hear me, and that if they did, they would think I’m very stupid or ridiculous. This has often been my experience, so I fear more humiliation or rejection. I have to force myself to do uncomfortable things…like blog my pain, for instance.

    1. I’ve been there before! I try to look at fear as a teaching emotion and it’s helping me SLOWLY get over that. For what it’s worth, by “teaching emotion” all I mean is I try to step back when I feel fear taking over and remind myself that even if I do actually fail, it’s to teach me something not make me feel bad about myself/the situation.

      1. I’ll try my best to reach that point where I only think of fear as a teaching emotion, because then it’s going to be much easier to start moving forward 🙌🏼

      2. Your attitude is inspiring! I think you’re so fair in saying “try my best” bc it’s hard AF. It’s a process. Remembering that progress is more important than perfection has been hard for me, but I hope you’ll be able to rise above quicker! Hit me up if you need support! I got you!!

      1. Failure, and lately i find myself so concerned about what others will think of me if i failed! Because i want to prove them wrong

  3. Having lung cancer puts a damper on things and you suddenly fear things you once didn’t (like not working and losing your job, relying on your husband’s job for insurance and finding out they are closing his plant and he’s losing his job this week, freezer on the blitz, dog having some kind of episode and I swore he was dying)..seems like all I’m in fear of is happening.

      1. It’s been months that Ive been living in fear. I don’t want to be sick and I don’t want to die. I didn’t want my husband to lose his job, because he held my insurance.

  4. My fear, stops me from living outside the marital box. Even though we are divorced, I still have myself convinced that I need him, and that there is no way out, simply because I can’t see it. It sucks…

    1. Do you think it can help to be more precise in the regards of what exactly do you need him for? If you find something else or someone else that can help with that, maybe this need will slowly disappear…

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