Waiting is the hard part

waiting is the hard part pointless overthinking
Drawing by Adrian Serghie

Have you ever tried something new and you expected immediate results that didn’t come? This is tough, so tough to handle! It’s like all the patience in the world disappeared and all the emotions overwhelm you. You want so much the outcome to be good that you want to do anything to make that happen, except for waiting.

I’m wondering why we don’t have any patience. Is it because we’re used to getting things almost instantly? For example, when you order something online you’ll probably receive that item next day. When you want to watch a movie, you search for in on the internet. When you want to talk to someone, you can instantly reach to that person with that magic box called phone. That wasn’t possible 100 years ago. People used to send letters to each other and it took weeks for that letter to go from one place to another. Were they as anxious as we are today? Were they anxious instantly or their patience ran out after a few weeks?

The hardest part for me was to wait for the results. I know what I have to do from a conscious point of view, but the anxiety is killing me. I want to see the results NOW, even though I know it can take months and lots of effort until that might happen. Maybe that’s the human nature, or maybe that’s how human nature is now. Or maybe that’s just me, but the waiting is… I hope you don’t know.

We’re getting used to instant and it reflects in almost any area of our lives. We want to be there before we even start the journey. We want NOW yesterday. And that’s not good because we’ll tend to quit before the results will show up. It’s like getting out of the oven a dish that hasn’t been cooked yet. That cannot be a good dish.

How do you deal with the lack of patience?

21 thoughts on “Waiting is the hard part

      1. It was partly becoming aware DM ( The New Earth by Eckart Tolle helped a lot) and one of our SRF meditation techniques. It helps us to start to watch our thoughts more and the mind starts to be more in the Now. We can never fight the mind. Just watching it helps.
        You may like to explore the Home Study lessons at Yogananda.org
        Three cheers to Now 😊

  1. Very true and timely at this day and age. I think I still struggle with being patient but I’ve learned to trust the process of all things. Staying in the moment is so difficult but maybe it’s best that we worry about tomorrow well, tomorrow.

      1. Impatience triggers a focus on the things I want and negativity grows, lashing out at others. Humble thoughts remind me that I’m not the only importance and calms me with the knowledge that others struggle too, even if they can’t feel the intensity of my needs. It’s a reminder that I can’t expect of others what I can’t get for myself.

  2. I try to refocus on something that needs attention. This is another place where cleaning or doing something meditative helps. Waiting gives me time to organize my thoughtd.

  3. I struggle with this too! It’s tough not getting immediate results- I keep in mind that most things worth having take work and time. It sometimes helps. 🙂

  4. This terrible learned habit, “impatience”, is one of the major contributors to failure.
    Anyone who manage to cultivate and exercise patience daily, is a walking miracle.

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