55 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 412

  1. My main source of inspiration is; Google Search, Instagram, Pintrest, and Facebook. Why? Utilizing social media, you get first hand access to what is trending and you can adapt to the changes that is on the internet. Since technology is advancing everyday, every week, every month, and every year. It will be a wise choice to follow up with access that we have for information.

      1. A customer at work recently told me of how her dear friend had just passed away; somehow, she was keeping it together remarkably and I had chills the entire time she was sharing her story. I haven’t forgotten her since.

  2. Myself and my personal real life.. my thoughts tend to just on and on and on.. it can be enlightening and entertaining to just follow along for the ride, see where I end I up in my mind… lol. When I write, I write from experience. When I speak, I speak from the seat of my heart. What I see is both the same and not as everyone else.
    But it is love and hope that (not inspires, but) motivates me to not lay down and close my eyes. It is my shared life that prevents me from ending my own existence.
    I inspire myself enough to attempt to leave a marker in history of my existence. Other people inspire me to continue to strive onwards, continue to dream, other people remind me I’m here for a reason.

      1. Business for business. Such as Rich Dad Poor Dad (Currently Reading the Little Big Things). I also enjoy reading aggravated people such as Carl Hagan The Demon Haunted World. Anything that teaches, inspires, motivates or challenges my intellect and perspective.

  3. Good question. I don’t think there is any one main source of inspiration for me. My inspiration comes from everywhere. It may be a song, album, or specific lyric. It might come from something that someone says. It could simply be from an observation made about my surroundings.

    The real question (at least for me) is, “How do you recognize inspiration and use it in your work?”

      1. From time to time. But it just means that I haven’t found a place for it yet. But I write everything down so I’ll have it for later.

  4. How I feel about things. If I’m ever lacking inspiration, I stop and catalogue my feelings, it’s amazing how many thoughts and feelings one often doesn’t realise they have until they stop to follow their train of thoughts and feelings. I agree with Hume when he says that the passions are the source of our wisdom.

  5. I get my inspiration from my interactions with others. They are my conversations with them. If I were alone, I’d have nothing to say.

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