40 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 410

      1. In part, I think it’s my training as an editor. I am editing as I write, which can stifle the writing process. Another issue might be that I am am too picky with putting words on a page. I tend to want the best words instead of just free-writing to get something out there.

  1. Honestly EVERYTHING – I constantly feel like I’m just rotating through different tasks to procrastinate, or like I have an impossible checklist of tasks that I’m perpetually behind on. The only thing I don’t procrastinate is reading, but sometimes I use reading as a way to procrastinate on other tasks.

  2. The black hole of internet clicking related-articles-links, reading stuff I’m interested in, and reframing and redefining and reviewing my inner schema of psycho-(il)logical septum sapientia. In my mind, outside of time, swimming/ singing/ skipping/ sinking/ screaming/ swinging/ swirling/ spiraling/ sailing/ sea-shanty shit-stirring solipsising sentences like spells by rhyming words like iambus. Like now! Words woven in wicked ways. Silly and serious and spiritually cirrus… something something colloquium . 🤘🤠🦊😎👍😂🍌🙊🔮

  3. Writing and reading. And doing tasks that might seem miniscule at first but takes up more time than i expected when i finally do it. Everything takes more tine than we think

      1. Very true. But how do you stop procrastinating on when you shoukd stop procrastinating… Hope you get what i mean?

      2. Maybe if you don’t think about procrastination at all and you just try to concentrate on the things you need to do? Acting like procrastination doesn’t exist in this world.

    1. Oh! Were we supposed to write what causes us to procrastinate? Um.. well then, my procrastination sub-program activates anytime I’m supposed to do something, like follow through on whatever thing I told myself or someone else I would do. Responsibilities? Pfft. I rue thee for all I rule

      1. That they were busy doing something else, or they’re going to ask me a million questions that I don’t have answers for…

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