56 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 388

  1. I don’t even know what is free time anymore! PhD life. 🙁 But yes, whenever I can, I read fiction and self-help books, write in my diary, blog, spend time with friends and yes, watch films. How about you?

    1. Most of my free time I either write something or I read something or I prepare some Instagram posts. Sometimes I watch a movie or I go on a walk 🙂

  2. Most of the time, I read. Sometimes I watch TV. Sometimes I play a little time-waster game on my phone. But who are we kidding? I have kids. I have a job. I do not have this free time of which you speak. LOL

      1. I actually have been watching less and not binging which is my stress coping mechanism. Per my therapist there are no “should” I would like to walk, listen to more music, read more, color for calming, organize my pictures, loads of fun projects

      2. Love your blog by the way, all about engagement. I am missing that in mine do you think posting questions would elicit more responses?

  3. Reading, writing, creating, watching TV and hanging out with as many animals as I can. Right now my daughter’s dog is doing her best to become one with my hip.

      1. Err…. Do you want the “legal” answer on my lease, or the hard truth? Because we “legally” have one large dog and three cats in the house. There’s an additional two indoors, and then our feral colony outside is somewhere around 10? It’s hard to tell when they hide the kittens.

  4. I’ve just finished my degree and now I am faced with a lot more free time than i am used to! I’ve started reading a lot more, swimming, and I love keeping up with my blog and other people’s 🙂

  5. I don’t think there is such thing as free time for me. But I do steal time a lot from my home duty hours to check social media or sneak out to get in touch with any of my few friends. Sometimes I steal time from office duty hours to read something to keep my brain alive, I play candy crush or parchisi star when something is cooking on the fire, while eating. During sleep hours, I write and write till sleep takes over.

  6. I’m starting to reframe my thinking about “time”. For something that we have no idea of its origin, and have no control over, we sure approach it as if it is some manipulatable tangible.

      1. And its presence is defined by our awareness. Being alive mean being aware, so as long as we are alive, we are making use of time. Although I don’t think we should approach time in a “commercialized” manner, as if it is something that needs to be used and saved.

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