47 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 383

  1. Enjoying who I’m with – an unexpected laugh or positive experience, godding around with my grandkids or people I love. Yes, going to a great movie can be fun, but it’s so much better going with someone I like.

  2. This is a deeper question than I first thought.

    Smiles and laughter are temporary aren’t they, often superficial.

    To me, having fun is being completely present in the moment, with the company you’re in. Giving your full attention to someone or something because there’s nothing you’d rather do right now.

      1. Not regardless of the emotions, but if I’m supposedly enjoying your company, but not giving you my full attention, you have to wonder how much I’m really enjoying your company.

        I guess I just mean, those emotions don’t necessarily imply fun is being had, because something that is fun is fulfilling, and something fulfilling usually captures your full attention.

  3. Fun is a relative concept. Waking up to that perfect cup of coffee and sitting still to savor, and there is that first day of summer vacation (12 days away😎) when everything seems possible, brighter and fills you with joy!💕

  4. A fun day for me is when all the work items have been checked off (not erased :-). I have fun cooking, baking and watching Youtube videos of 5-minute crafts (they are addictive).

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