62 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 381

      1. If I’m not at work, surrounded by people, then I’m at home, surrounded by people as well. I love them to death but sometimes I miss just having a bit of time alone.

      1. Can always transfer the money on a computer. Can watch someone do that in the mornings and do that later on their brake or at their closing time. Cameras wont see anything. Especially if i throw the computer’s hard drive in the toilet

  1. I’d scare the shit hole off a lot of the people in power in Nigeria, and make them put up better policies that will help the masses.

  2. Oh… does that include not tripping motion detectors and such? Because if so, I’d spend a the night wandering museums, enjoying the quiet and looking at displays without fighting for space and sight. I think during the day I’d just find a neat place to be – maybe naked at the beach? Well, mostly – there are some places sand doesn’t belong! Hopefully, being invisible would also keep me from getting a sunburn!

    1. I think being invisible makes you safe from sunburns. i like the idea of wandering around, especially because we wouldn’t need to buy tickets to anything!

  3. I’d probably spy on a lot of people’s private conversations so I could live vicariously through them and get ideas for my writing. It might be tempting (but illegal) to go into supermarkets and take whatever I want but people could probably see the shit I was stealing floating in midair. 😛

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