30 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 380

  1. The conversation that involves something new that was presented 4 months ago – passed over overlooked – re-packaged as someone else’s idea

      1. I didn’t know. at school I had to skip a year cause they dont do my year, and they all think im immature and younger than them. I was a bit quiet and suddenly whenever I come to talk they want me gone and they’re always talking behind my back, there’s no alternative school, so I have to sit on my own at lunch/break etc. and I wish I could think of a way for them to like me

  2. I am easily hurt by words so I have learned to easily forget them. I try to acknowledge what needs to change and try to…. be better. For no matter what conversations I’ve had with others, I hurt myself with words far more and far worse than anyone else has/does/could.

  3. When somebody I loved refused to listen to my attempt to share some very sensitive, intimate and confidential information with him.

  4. The one with my parents after my overdose when I was younger. To see the fear and disappointment in me and the shame I felt for putting them through it all.

      1. My shame truly didn’t hit me until I became a parent myself. Then I realised what I had put them through. The conversation with my parents made me stronger, I believed in myself, I had standards and expectations that I didn’t have before. It’s what made me strong enough to leave two bad relationships, and I didn’t think twice. I knew rock bottom, I survived it. My parents told me I was worth more. I had a mouth that I could talk with, I had arms to hug and I had hands to hold. I had feet to walk away from unhealthy situations. On one hand I grew up. I learnt to trust my gut, value my worth and fight. I’ve been fighting life since, it only begs to question what happens when I feel like I can’t fight anymore? I guess that’s why I always offer a shoulder to anyone who needs it. They need to know too that they aren’t alone and are worthy of themselves

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