46 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 379

  1. I was about 10 at the time, and at a music recital. The person at the mic was way way-way off key. Just could not hold it together. Still my lowest point 🙂

      1. Why do you hope that? You asked about INappropriate situations. The only vaguely redeeming part is that I helped him right the jack. I was 16 if it helps any

  2. Was on date, during my early 20’s, and the date passed gas. It came out loud enough for the 4 tables surrounding us to hear. I reassured her, it was “ok” and started laughing, she joined me 5 minutes later and she felt out of the uncomfortableness. We laughed throughout the entire evening 😂😂

  3. I was at the 9/11 museum and they were showing a video in a mini cinema and there were subtitles underneath and one slide said “dramatic music” and the next one said “dramatic music continues” and I had to hold myself back from laughing because I would have got sooo many judging stares if I had (it’s so bad I know)

  4. During tech school, when I was studying to be a Clinical Laboratory Technician; we had a class on “Urinalysis and Other Fluids”. We cleared out the cafeteria laughing and making terribly rude jokes about feces. Loads of them…

  5. After I gave birth to my boy… Here.. you can’t find a baby’s gender.. so everyone kept guessing, saying, that it is a girl. My complexion is white.. the way I hold my belly.. this and that.. so I believed it will be a girl baby. The name I picked out was for a girl.. my baby blankets were pink… Diaper bag was pink… And, out came my little neanderthal… Laughed straight for 5 mins… Nurses thought I’ve gone crazy…

      1. Hmmm.. I was not clear I think…In India.. some idiots prefer boy children.. the fact that I did not cry with joy because I had a boy and I thought it was girl made the nurses think I was crazy. And… He’s ok..gave the pink blankets and the name I selected to another mother I met in the hospital. I even write about my little neanderthal in my blog… He’s a preteen now😍😍

      1. We were at the beach in barefeet as usual and he was running and being silly and ran straight into where a person was fishing and trod on their fishing gear

  6. There was a fight of 2 people a collector office today 😅 i almost brust out laughing lol. We were all waiting in a line for a chance it was nice entertainment 😝

  7. In church. Forget how old I was, but I was at a christening. The priest said something I considered funny and I was off. My aunty made it worse by turning around and whispering, ‘Melissa! You shouldn’t laugh in the house of the lord!’ which only made me laugh harder.

  8. Temple and church, I am Jewish and only go to temple on the high holidays and church if it is a baptism or something.

    At temple my sister and I can’t stop talking and people shush us and our husbands literally have to separate us.

    Church is a bad place to laugh when you are a guest but when you feel out of place it everything is funny. I always make my own joke will there be thunder when I walk in.

      1. There will be a bucket of holy water up on the door that will up end and douse me like one of those old pranks?

      1. When the nutcracker removed his mask, some of his makeup had smeared…especially his eyebrow. It looked ridiculous. You had to be there, I guess.

  9. Got a volleyball ball hit me right in my hand almost breaking my wrist (but my bones are weird and it was only a sprain) it hurt soo badly, i couldn’t even move my hand… and couldn’t stop laughing. Instead of crying i guess

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