35 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 374

  1. Honestly, I think I’ve mentioned here once that I have trouble choosing bests. Best colors, best foods, best movies, anything at all!

    So, for my top 5 priorities, let me say:

    1. My sense of self.
    2. My privacy.
    3. My family and friends.
    4. Having fun.
    5. My work/blog.

  2. In no particular order… 🙂
    1. Get a job
    2. Publish a book
    3. Move out of my parents’ house
    4. Work on my mental health
    5. Lose weight

      1. I’m currently working with a job counselor and going to therapy/ taking all my meds on time. I’ve also written several manuscripts but I’m really stuck when it comes to taking the next step. The only things I’m not actively working on are moving out and losing weight. 😛

  3. 1: taking care of myself (due to learning the hard and not looking after myself and ending up with ME/CFS).
    2: my cats
    3: my mum
    4: my hobbies (crafting, art, Reading, blogging and films)
    5: trying to stay connected to friends.

      1. It’s due to my health. As my health is so unpredictable I can go from being reasonably well to being bed bound. I live on a fine line of doing too much or not doing enough, and I keep wobbling on that line because I push myself too much. So that’s why it’s try to stay connected to my friends because if I don’t contact them they never contact me, then I guess you could ask me are they real friends?

      2. Yes I’ve known the answer for a long time now, but the good thing is I’m slowly making new friends either through social media or friends in my area.

  4. 1. My happiness
    2. food
    3. Loved ones
    4. Stability
    5. Privacy
    In that order. May I ask, what are your top five priorities?

    1. Nice list! Here are my top five priorities:
      1. My wife and our life together
      2. Pointless Overthinking
      3. My book(s)
      4. My health
      5. My future
      Thank you for asking! 😀

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