47 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 368

      1. I feel this way too, but then I try to remind myself that no one screws up everything, and I try to refocus on what I do that is right, because those things are there; we just have to find them.

  1. What makes you feel bad about yourslef is the things I did in the pass that I cant change because I was young and didnt have the right guide growing up as a CHILD

      1. When people leave or ignore me, if I put myself first to replenish myself I’m treated that I’m being selfish. At 40 years of age is it not quite sad to realise that you don’t have friends, only know people. There are no phone calls or house visits, no days out with anybody other than family. It’s sucks that I put my children first to then realise nobody hung around to wait, so I must be an awful person if I’m alone. I’m not enough. So this then brings on the thoughts of being unworthy and self pity party for one. Then I get mad at myself for putting myself down.

      2. When this happens, how often do you think it’s not a problem you have, but life is just the way it is… and people live their own lives.

      3. I know most of the time it’s just life and we’re all busy and we can pick up where we left off. That’s the friends you know are genuine, but there are a few people I know that are just blanking me completely, esp online but hey, what can ye can do right? I should be used to it by now. But still I find myself questioning myself and thinking what the hell is wrong with me?

  2. Mirrors. I don’t feel the way I look – but time doesn’t roll back. Going to the YMCA has helped – I’m dead in the middle with respect to age, weight and ability. Still – I wish I’d made some better choices.

      1. Well, I could have plastic surgery, if I had the money or wanted to spend it that way – that’s a big NO on both counts. So, I go do my thing at the pool. I accept that laugh lines are better than frown lines. I welcome the grey (but I still prefer it indigo!)

      1. I try to cook whenever I have the chance but it always ends up not tasting good even when I follow the exact recipe. Ha!

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