48 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 364

  1. Approach your future as if it were a friend that makes you smile, as if it were a fearsome dragon you could vanquish or charm, as if you were the Dalai Lama at peace with the world. Approach the future with bells on your ankles, whirling in gratitude and joy for the one thousand kindnesses that brought you to the next moment. Approach your future with love, because it is now. -Rebecca

  2. Welcome the future with strength and happiness, future is a chance to make new mistakes, future is a chance to learn new lesson, future is a chance to live a new life.

  3. With compassion for others, and for myself;
    With an understanding that I am perfectly imperfect;
    With confidence in who I am;
    With a desire to love and to learn.

  4. With an open mind, people with closed minds or people who are narrow minded don’t overcome change. Being open minded lets you look at the bigger picture of what the future has for you.

    1. Yes! And it’s interesting that we’re very adaptable (we live all over the world in different climates), but some of us still refuse even small changes…

  5. First of all, list your strengths and weaknesses. Then after analyzing find out that one thing that you are MOST passionate about. When you can identify a skill, plan out a schedule to improve that skill (that you are most passionate about), on daily basis. After some time, you’ll become a mater in that, that would be the time when you can also have monetary benefit from your skill.
    In the meanwhile, focus on your other skills to earn a respectful living…

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      2. I don’t know how you can get ads on your blog because I never used them. As for re-purchasing, it will happen automatically as far as I know 🙂

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