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      1. Me & the rest of the world are more cynical now. & I wasn’t in my usual happy place when I commented.

  1. I think my desire to spread kindness and love is greater. I think my desire to live my best life is greater regardless of societal demands. I think the world is darker and scarier.

    1. Very nice! You think it’s darker and scarier and in the same time your desire to spread kindness and love is greater. Maybe one draws the other?

  2. Me before 5 years.. Nervous, shy, immature, silly and puzzled.
    Mer after 5 years.. Confident, Stronger, brave, intelligent, mature and nerd… ♥♥♥♥

  3. Five years ago I saw so many problems in my self and the world, I kinda thought it would take a massive something, uprising, volcano I don’t know, but now that I’ve calmed and healed my own life, I see a whole bunch of smart, caring people who are trying to solve those big problems so that feeling of stagnation and yuck is diminished and with that diminished, all things seem possible again. Way better than the battle royale mentality of five years ago.

      1. Logic. I pretended I was a computer programmer who had to solve all the problems that were bothering me, not in great detail, but enough that anyone with half an inkling could gather the thread and run with it. Once i could SEE potentials /solutions, it only made sense that others could to. I did a little research and 9 times out of 10 people were working on these solutions. I realized the thing that was bothering me the most is that I thought nobody cared. Once I saw they did and that there are viable, even if difficult, solutions to most of the big problems , I realized I just have to get myself as fit and willing to do what I am best at it and this big, giant ecocosm that we are a part of works things out in ways I don’t have to see every detail of before I get busy creating better right where I’m at.
        Something like that anyways 🙂

  4. The last five years have been challenging, so I had a less experienced and more pristine lens from which to see the world through five years ago.

      1. I approach the world with more discernment. I have had to rapidly refine who and what I allow into my life and into my family’s life. It has at times been uncomfortable, but it has strengthened our family unit.

  5. The last five years? H F Yes! There’s been ongoing steady change since 2010 when my father passed away. Even if it was expected, it still threw me for a loop and turned me inside out and upside down. It’s all been for the better though.

  6. To answer the question, though, the main difference is a lot more maturity, I love life more now, more appreciation and compassion. Found inner peace and serenity, no idea how I got there but I am. Very much have made peace with a lot of things. I’m a lot less patient with bulls***t and my circle of friends and people I am close to has changed and evolved. It’s been quite a roller-coaster but I am on steady ground now for much longer than I have before.

    1. You know that saying that each omelette requires breaking some eggs. I guess that we need to break something in our current life in order to get to the next level. Congratulations for your changes!

  7. My past beautiful time before 05 years…..
    5 years ago, no tension, no worries, no arguments, no depression, no messy relations.
    The way i can see world now is just running behind money, fame, late night party, 09 to 06 jobs and end of the day tension for next day. where is the happiness?

  8. A lot of difference
    I am now more optimistic. I don’t care about other people’s idea of success. Now I define my own
    And I also realised, there is more good in this world than bad

  9. Five years ago…2014…the world was a very unfair place. I wondered why things were going like they were, and why this was happening in my life. Today…2019…the world is a better place. Calmer, saner, reasonable.

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