78 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 346

      1. It’s not so much the work (which I enjoy) but the endless supply of idiots I seem to have to work with

      1. It`s weird, I know. But as a small child, I had the repeated dream of drowning…and enjoyed it. I guess, it is about everything letting go and become one with your environment – breathing water etc.Since that time, I discovered that I am able to better relax with a few scenarios of “passing away” in oder to fall asleep.
        Sounds strange, I know.

  1. Ovoid thinking about work – or avoid avoid thinking about work- or avoid avoid avoid thinking about work…….. What’s on late night TV?

  2. Last night was one of those nights when I willed myself to sleep, tossed and turned and thought happy memories, but managed to stay awake tossing and turning for 2 hours

      1. And sometimes they happen when I feel I need to get as much sleep as I can for an important day. Oh the irony 🤓 thats why it is such a relief waking up the next day, realizing I was able to fall asleep after all

  3. The fake flamenco dances I will perform the next day. This weekend I have a writing conference where I’ll present my coming of age in Spain memoir to agents. Olé! -Rebecca

      1. Hey😊I try to do that, but sometimes I forget it, then the next day I try to remember it.. if I do.. I feel it gives me more positivity and appreciate the little things in life and get rich in my heart, if you understand the way I put it🦋
        I hope you enjoy your day🦋

  4. I usually fall asleep reading, then momentarily wake myself as I drop my kindle on myself.

      1. I’m lucky that not happened to me in a while, it was much worse with Traditional books as I’d give myself paper cuts on my face when I dropped my book.

      1. Oh the list is endless, my favourite type of books at the moment are biker romance, biker erotica, MC Romance, MC erotica. As you can probably guess I was and still am a huge fan of Sons of Anarchy tv program I keep rewatching it. I also like post apocalyptic fiction, anything with vampires, witches, shapeshifters then to SiFi, fantasy, romance, contemporary and erotica. Oh aw well as historical fiction. So I think I go from one extreme to another.

      1. 1. I have an amazing wife!
        2. I’m healthy (or I think I am lol);
        3. I’m writing and I interact with you guys;
        4. I self-published a book;
        5. I’m working on a new book.

      1. you just means the current you. A better version of self can be defined as a person that you want to be like.. and you are working on that every single day. This doesn’t mean you want to be like someone else but to develop some skill that you like, make time for your loved ones more.. if you were not able to pay attention, develop some better habits, do something for the society and all those stuffs

  5. It sounds weird, but usually I try not to think 😀 If I think about the past day I will remember the bad sides of it, if I think about the day to come I will get stressed from all the duties, so I just hug my partner and try to fall asleep as fast as possible 🙂

    1. It’s not weird. I also have nights when I try to think about nothing and I concentrate on my breathing. That usually calms me down, until the brain kicks in 🙂

      1. I’ve thought about a lot of answers but the thing that really attracts me is doing volunteer work. Where? I still don’t know but I believe I’ll find a lot of ways how to join a group or organization where I can be happy to be a part of.

  6. I think about my life, visualize it how I know it can be, think about what I’m grateful for, wonder when I’ll start living my life for me in a more authentic way, sometimes I think about old memories, cry, laugh, go crazy, etc. Haha. I could probably solve the worlds problems with the amount of thinking I do before bed.

      1. I would hope my answer would be now. It should be now. It should always be now. Lots to think about. Why I can’t just start now? What’s holding me back? Makes me wonder

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