61 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 345

      1. I take them personally, and am easily hurt/angered by them. (Co-dependency and CPTSD) I am trying to change that by learning and remembering it’s a choice to respond-and I don’t have to.

      1. No, honesty is important. It depends on the situation. I doubt u was going to ask that question if u read any of my articles. 😀

  1. Self-confidence. Improved self-image. Not giving a rat’s ass what people think. Staying kind and calm in times of stress rather than melt down or lash out/re-act (that’s mostly related to parenting teens). 😉

    1. Well, being a teenager is tough these days and I guess that all the pressure they feel is eliminated the way it is because they don’t know how to handle things differently…
      As for what others think, it’s their life and if they want to spend it thinking about what you do with yours, it’s their job just as it’s your job to live yours.

      1. the normal ones which make all others angry lol. Mostly when someone isn’t given a freedom of opinion of making choices. Someone’s voice isn’t heard. I am mostly a long tempered person 🙂

    1. That’s big indeed. If you think about the moments when you feel confident, what’s different than the ones you’re not? What makes you be more confident?

    1. I truly understand that! For me, it worked to read and write every day with my phone away and TV off. It kept me in my own head without distractions. Have you tried this? Maybe it would work for you too.

    1. If you get interested to see how other people really are, you might find necessarily skills to get through bullshit. The problem is that some are so full of this bullshit that not even themselves can get through that.

  2. More confidence and improved self-image, like others said. And raising my energy, mental and physical, a little bit!

      1. Just organization in general, setting my day up for success, having an intention and meeting it, organizing my time, knowing where everything is, having all things put in their rightful place. Keeping my mind directed towards the positive, making time for quiet and not being haphazard and getting easily distracted. It’s an art form, actually! )

  3. Yesterday I thought about this question and an answer presented itself. I didn’t quite want to post it — thought it might seem either too “out there” or else too fashionable. Today something ridiculous happened to reinforce the answer, so I’m going ahead and say it: mindfulness. I could really use more and better mindfulness. I know in some ways it’s more of an ability or an inclination than a skill, but I think there’s an important skill element to it also.

    1. That’s really interesting! I guess that for some people it’s ab ability or an inclination, but for those who doesn’t have it (like me), it’s more like a skill because I need to practice it over and over again before it gets better. Maybe you’re in the same category as I am 🙂

      1. Like you talk to almost everyone all day long.. if your communication skills are strong you are admirable at every moment.. This is what i think..

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