30 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 343

  1. Even though we try to surround ourselves with great people it is those that some might find less likely to be great that leave the biggest impressions. Also, the description of great might be different for each person. I surround myself with people who wish to be in my company in an honest-loving manner because everyone has a bit of greatness inside them (just my opinion). Also, some believe we attract what we present to others and if you’re of greatness you’ll attract greatness, right? This was an awesome question!

    1. Yes, you will, because great people know the importance of having a great company. Thank you very much for reading and for your valuable comment!

  2. People always reflecting your behaviour. So being great attracting great people. Respect others like you respect yourself. Wish people what you wish for yourself. Treat others like you like to be treated. 🌺🌺🌺

  3. I would first say yes to all the above questions. Then I would say attraction is not enough. We need to find these people and let them know we desire their time. And how do we come to know what people would be great for us? Doing our due diligence at gaining self-knowledge. We cannot know who truly will be great for us until we understand where we are and where we want to go.

    But of course all of this is trial and error. Without putting ourselves out there to be rejected, we won’t come to know ourselves or who could be great for us.

  4. There are two things that can be done to surround yourself with great people apart from being great ourselves.
    1. Read books about great people, their struggles and achievements. That way you are surrounded by their lessons.
    2. Have good, healthy, positive and knowledgeable conversations. I have noticed that if we have a good conversation with a person, either the person gets bored because both are not on same page or the person becomes our good friend because they know we have something to share with each other and learn.

  5. I think you have to give them the opportunity to be great. Just creating an atmosphere where people are free to be themselves and doing the things that attract the right people. Being open and straight forward while also being friendly and respectful. I’ll admit, I’m pretty particular, so my circle’s pretty small. My strategy is to share great ideas and reel in the great people who nibble at them. I know I’m a bit eccentric, so it doesn’t offend me when I’m not an individual’s cup of tea anymore.

    1. I would say that’s the whole idea, don;t you think? We need to be great ourselves so others would like to be around us. Maybe our greatness comes from the fact that we’re a little different and that difference reflects positively in our life in the lives of the people around us.

    1. True, but maybe their greatness cannot be understand by us or maybe they don;t want to share it with us. Instead, we might only receive the not-so-great parts. I guess it’s a matter of how they want to be have around us and how we want to behave around them.

  6. Keep two types of beer in your fridge. Delicious, expensive craft beer, and disgusting, cheap high-alcohol-content sludge. Feed the good beer to the great people, and give the cheap stuff to the not-so-great people. They will stumble home soon enough.

  7. Stop nagging. Stop complaining. For a day. The people who live for drama will retreat. And the people who live for meaning will approach.

    1. This is awesome and very true! We need to be great ourselves in order to keep such people around us. The “change” comes first from within.

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