37 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 340

  1. Just as the person above stated I believe this is a question of walking by faith. I think my favorite verse of the Bible is Ecclesiastes 1:2, there it says “Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity” Every thing is useless unless it is to serve the Lord. Which means that if I live by faith, and thus walk by faith I am doing the only thing that has meaning. Everything else is a futile attempt to pass time.

    Sadly, I can not say that this is always where I am, sometimes I find myself insufficient to do as God has instructed. Indeed the very nature of my humanity compels me to go in a route that is definitely against that of God’s plan. Sometimes I can not avoid going away from his path. I do however try to walk in faith, It is the only way I can imagine to be where I need to be in life.

  2. By applying self awareness. And by this I mean, not dwelling on my weaknesses and perfecting my strengths. To be more specific, if you try to work on your short comings you will discover that there are a tone more then your strengths.

  3. Ummm…By being mindful of my words, thoughts and deeds. I’ve been falling down on that a lot lately and I need to right myself again.

  4. I recently wrote an article on Practicing Discernment. In that I talk about needing to know ourselves and our surroundings to make the best decisions for the type of life we deep down desire to live. Doing our homework on ourselves and whatever we are making a decision with is critical for this question. Then being open to change, allowing vulnerability, and taking informed actions. But ultimately, if I don’t understand what is best for me and the world around me, my giving the best is a shot in the dark.

  5. We don’t know what lies ahead on the paths we take, so we can only have our beliefs, morals and values to steer us in the right direction, forgiveness for ourselves when we make mistakes and faith in ourselves to learn from those mistakes, finding a positive about a negative situation, finding what we can learn or change with our weaknesses, and developing our strengths, motivation, determination, along with hope, belief and a little bit of luck that we can keep evolving our lives to be the best, to be the best version of ourselves and to make sure that the people we meet throughout our lives are left feeling better and not hurt. We can only give our best to be our best, and be grateful for the experiences!

      1. That happens all the time to me hence the need to check on a regular basis. What suited me at one point in my life may no longer be serving me anymore.

  6. Self awareness and some moments to put myself questions and re-think of the answers, if needed.

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