46 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 339

  1. That taking progesterone interferes with your body’s ability to produce its own and that alongside chemicals in plastic bottles and non organic foods and all kinds of other stuff leads to oestrogen dominance which is not very nice.

      1. Dating (why bother with that stress, since I ended up alone?).
        Minor but stressful car accident in 2016.
        Slip and fall in 2018 (2).
        Small errors at work ~ would be nice to be perfect!

  2. Any knowledge that I gather today may not have beeen useful 5 years ago so will put it in the memory banks for future use… 🙂

      1. Probably about six months after leaving corporate. I had spoken and read about others who had made a similar leap that the first six months can be difficult (see “trough of disappointment”) so I had faith that brighter days were ahead. Almost two years in now, best thing I ever did and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my career!

  3. That the pain I was feeling then will not go away, but it will subside, and life can be better than ever. Maybe if there was a way to teach that to the world, there would be far fewer suicides.

    1. This is the reason why this blog exists and that’s why there are so many self-help books. Everything is temporary, but ourselves, as an entity, for ourselves.

  4. When opening up, choose your audience wisely, because when things get hard, some people use the info against you. And doormats are for doors. And don’t change your beliefs or habits, just to please people (unless you have really bad habits)

    1. Yes! Be yourself for you and don’t change yourself for others… that’s a piece of information we all need to apply so we can live better lives.

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