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    1. I’m curious-please explain?
      I haven’t found any episode of depression to be particularly enlightening yet. I tend to find that clarity and perspective are on low ebb at these times

      1. I think depression is played out as chemical imbalances that require pills to fix. Or bad diet that can be fixed by eating from the right food groups. Or required exercise that is remedied by joining a gym. All great for capitalism, but I think my depression comes from knowing that what they told us in school was a big fairy tale just like Santa.

        Sorry, that’s probably not very enlightening.

      2. Ok, yeah. Kind of get that- sadly often the ‘truth’ many people seem to realise when depressed is that they’re a total failure or something, so I read your comment very differently to how you intended it.

        With you on the money grabbing cures though, definitely- maybe self-help books should be on the list too. Not so much the food though, if you can prep from scratch (challenging if your motivation has gone awol) then there’s not so much profit in it and you know exactly what you’re eating.

      3. I agree with you on the food. Eating right and excercising do help… It’s just not usually the full issue. I would love to produce all (or a majority) of my own food, but like you said, it’s a matter of motivation.
        Self help books…I equate these to seeing a psychologist. Someone will gladly take $100/hour to tell you what you already know!
        Thanks a lot for reading and commenting!

      1. You know, you’re crying and someone asks, “Why are you crying?” You answer, “I don’t know! I don’t knowwww!” and truly, deep down, you don’t have any reason whatsoever to cry. It happens. Sometimes as during the process( not before) the cryer might hold unto many past sad moments to cry more and sorrow deeper.

  1. Depression is a permanent state (though can run in minor cycles) that can have many symptoms and can differ from people I believe. Common symptoms in myself when I am experiencing depression can be numbness (not happy, not sad, not angry…just numb or loss of control of my emotions maybe?) hopefulness, sometimes suicidal thoughts, vivid messed up and heartbreaking nightmares/dreams, insecure, questioning my faith or place in the world. Etc. Depression is not sadness. Sadness is a temporary feeling and a very NORMAL emotion to have, and can sometimes be confused for depression.

    Depression can be caused by many things I also find. Be it during a time of grieving a loved one, heartbreak is a common cause for depression, or in my case genetic and I think just intertwines with things like my autism.

    1. Very interesting! In circumstances like grief or loss, it’s very normal and even healthy to feel it. In other circumstances, it’s probably a response to a situation (in the lack of different responses).

  2. Sadness, hopelessness, frustration, withdrawing. Had a few rounds with it. Tough opponent. Better equipped to handle it now but doubt I’ve heard the last of it.

  3. forgetting that the world has color to it, asking “why, why, why, when, when, when, how, how, how,” oversleeping every day and hating yourself, wishing to find the answers you need to heal. knowing that it’s an illness but not knowing how to get better, a reframing of little questions. inability to process big questions.

  4. what does depression mean to me? hmmm well without reading any of the answers above or thinking about my answer too much
    It means a deep dark black hole of despair and hopelessness in which I get lost.
    Depression is powerlessness and there is nothing that I hate more It’s feeing as if you fail at every role you play in this life, whether that is a mother, partner, daughter, niece, aunty whatever it is, it is knowing that you cant live up to what you could be for your loved ones.

    Depression is guilt
    Depression is shame
    Depression is overthinking
    Depression is berating your self over and over again
    Depression is a lack of self care, self love and self worth
    It is never truly belonging
    Depression is a cancer of the soul
    Depression is doubt
    Depression is vulnerability with no hope of protection
    Depression is silence
    Depression is stigma
    Depression is loneliness
    Its a world where everything is surreal
    and once again you are back in the twilight zone

    Depression is suicide
    It wants to crush me up and bury me
    Its drowning in your own mind

    Depression is a loss of ability to be able to communicate
    Depression is being scared of yourself
    is judgment and lack of empathy from those around you
    Depression is utter isolation
    and given a chance it leaves everything around you
    crumbling to dust

    It wants to crush me up and bury me
    Its drowning in your own mind
    Depression is STIGMA
    Depression is silence
    Depression is death

  5. Depression is frustration. Frustrated with yourself, your life, your actions. A feeling, of hopelessness, sadness, with a desire to change. With no motivation to do so. Depression is a smile, with no emotion behind it. It’s hours of pointless small talk, so you’re not questioned about what’s wrong. Depression is pretending, changing, evolving yourself into a mold the world is comfortable with. Depression is all consuming, gripping, and terrifying.

  6. Physical Pain like body aches, headaches, despair, loneliness, discouragement, weight, tightness in my chest, gloomy skies, still quietness, hopelessness, darkness, slouching, stumbling, crying, numbness, no aspirations, no ambition, no love, shallow breaths, misunderstandings, enigmatic silence, guilt, unforgiveness

      1. for anything. Why something happen to us? We justify happenings very quickly putting reasons for them as one of the very famous situation people discover depression in, is when someone close dies.. At that moment we don’t find any reason of death (obviously apart from the physical ones) this is cognitive. But our knowledge of species and then all the facts and assumptions come with time and we move on.. depression is that space of reason left empty… In most cases, it is emotional attachments repress our ability of finding the right reason.

      1. If only I have the answer, wouldn’t I help myself 😀 well i have short term helps thou. Like I sleep, I sing, I binge watch shows, or treat myself with good food. Hang out, I read..

  7. Numbness more than anything. It’s like all my sensors are blown out from feeling too much, and now I’m just sorta experiencing things but not reacting in the expected ways. Horribly bad or amazingly good stuff makes me react, but in a reduced capacity. Really weird.

      1. At the depression’s worst, yes. Occasionally hints of the correct feeling will shine through if the numbness is lighter for whatever reason, and if I have consecutive days where feeling returns, I definitely celebrate it. But at its strongest, there’s just this sense of “I know I should be happy/sad about this…why can’t I feel it?”

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