46 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 316

      1. It would make me feel better. He was mentally abusive and there are things I’ve held onto for years. Telling him to his face, being able to verbalize all that he put me through, would be therapeutic for me.

      2. Nearly impossible. He likes to pretend I and his first born don’t exist. I think it alleviates the guilt he hopefully has for abandoning us shortly after my son was born.

      1. It started to turn me into a zombie, like everyone else. The fact I’m commenting on here while my oatmeal is getting cold is a prime example.

  1. Old teenage friend/ex. Not to get back together or anything like that, but just to see how life treated him, to know he’s happy & well. A catch up over a cuppa would be great. He’s one person who I know that doesn’t use social media, so it’s been hard to stay in touch when we went our separate ways.

  2. One of my close friends from high school. Had love for him like a brother. However, I stood back and realized that once I went to college, settled down and got married that him and I were on two different paths in our lives. If I wanted any success I could surround myself around the mess.

  3. I was really sad to find out last night that Luke Perry passed away. This morning I read this question here. Maybe I’m still overwhelmed by his passing but the only answer that came to mind was this memorable line..”May the bridges I burn light my way…”

  4. No one… 🙂

    “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” ― Bernard M. Baruch

  5. My cousin. We used to be close friends when we were children, but then things changed when our parents had a bad argument… I’m sure we will get back in touch one day!

      1. Because I am a realist. I want a tangible relationship that exists where I do. Beside that, I am not all that important. (Although, I like myself very much) I cannot praise any dyslexic dog that encourages violence, discourages critical thinking, or damns people to hell for eternity. I strongly believe our communities need religion because values and morality are of paramount importance; but I do not believe anyone who says they speak on behalf of a dyslexic dog then condemns anyone who doesn’t agree with them. My connection is broken, because I am spoiled, I want a dyslexic dog that that responds. Look in any book, the prophets there asked no less than I. (I hope I am not offending, I believe that others beliefs are important, and do not want to devalue them.)

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