41 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 311

  1. in my simple way – I say to myself the person who rejected me or my opinions was just a wrong recipient; I will encounter, sooner or later, a proper one

  2. From a person Not well….I’m learning that it doesn’t mean I’m a bad person or did anything wrong. It solely is based on another opinion-and it’s their loss. From say a writing/photo place, I can let it go much easier. It’s not personal.

    1. It’s hard when it’s personal… but then again, even if it’s personal, it’s not so personal… as you said, it’s related to other person’s point of view.

  3. It used to bother me, now I feel less pained, If someone likes me it’sgood, if not, that’s also good. Nevertheless I notice that acceptance feels better, I’d rather be accepted than rejected, but not at any cost.

      1. Contemplate and Wonder…

        A peaceful Friday Morning, watching the sun arise
        Thoughts abound, while sipping on a spot of tea,
        While taking in Nature’s outdoor portrait
        Contemplating, on what Fate may have instore for me.

        Change is slowly coming, it whispers in the winds
        The door is slowly closing on past history,
        With a new awakening with the mind and spirit
        But the future is still shrouded in mystery.

        With the freedom of being different, in many ways
        No social shackles do this mortal wear,
        Do welcome change with open mind and spirit
        No fear, no worry or dread do I bear.

        Does change stop at mortal death, one wonders
        Or does it go on forever and ever,
        Will I ask the same at another time and place
        Somewhere past the 12th of Never?

        Will thought and spirit continue
        When, as in all things, time comes to an end,
        Or does all things cease to be when
        To the grave, the mortal body Fate does send.

        Alas, but must deal with the present, this Friday
        So now will store thoughts and musings yet to be told,
        For it’s down the path least traveled I do venture
        To search and hopefully find….what life, and Fate, may behold.

        ( Larry “Dutch” Woller )

  4. For me it depends who is doing the rejection. Friends and family rejection hurts especially if they don’t state why they’re saying no. This can lead to overthinking and criticising ourselves. If it’s anybody else, I would be like ‘whatever, it’s just not meant to be, this time’ and try a different plan, after all there are 26 letters in the alphabet right? But no matter what, we must learn that we can’t control anything other than our own reaction, so we can look at rejection as a negative or find the positive and carry on

  5. Depends on who has rejected me. Either I don’t give a f&*^$^ or I cry alone listening to Bon Jovi and never look back at the one who rejected me. Vanishing into thin air. For real now, If it has to do with work I guess I try to better my performance. If it has to do with friends I will probably ask. If it has to do with a lover, well I guess he is not that much into me. I did experience it recently, hurts like hell but I guess you have to respect people’s choices and try to make peace with yourself. And if someone doesnt want you in their lives, I believe you should not force your presence onto them. Disappear from their lives, mostly for self preservation reasons, and make peace with yourself. Plus rememeber we all have rejected someone or something at least once in our life. Excuse the long comment.

    1. Don’t apologize because I love long comments! When we get rejected from other people’s lives, we tend to take it very personally and I don’t think it’s the best approach. Maybe in time we realize that all that matters is our relationship with ourselves. If that’s ok, we can deal with everything.

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